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The history of Rap

No description

Moritz Langwallner

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of The history of Rap

The Genre
Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Lose yourself-Eminem produced 28 October 2002
James Todd Smith
Dangerous 1985 (Not exact date there)

LL Cool J
The Genre of Hip-hop (Rap)
By Moritz and Abhishek
Marshall Bruce Mathers III
October 17, 1972 (age 41)
His life:
LL Cool J's Album
LL Cool J's Life Story
Hip hop was a culture that originated in big cities or turfs in the 1970's. A big part of hip hop is break dance, art (Graffiti), DJ or MC and Rap. Hip hop to be specific originated in New York city. When hip hop started there were a lot of rave party's hosted by MC or master of ceremony or DJ's, this usually happened in the poor parts of New York such as the South Bronx section of New York City,in abandoned houses .People could not break dance on that floor because of the rumble coming from the abandon buildings the parties were in so the folded up cardboard box and they put it on the for so non of the rumble can hurt the break dancers. To make the music DJ/MC's used DJ sets that two records spinning on the sides and have buttons to make beats at different time lapses. Most rappers rap about politics or problems or gangs.
In the song Eminem talks about how he goes throw though times but he stands up and try's and doesn't let anything stand in his way. This song fits in the genre Rap because most of the lines rhyme and there is a beat played on a DJ's set.This song talks about going trough hes tough times and about hes failure and success this was unusual for that time because most songs were about Gang drugs and killing people.The fashion in hip hop times were a long shirt and sagging pants and a snap back hat,the point of this type of fashion was to look as scary or swag (cool) as possible. A lot of metaphor's are used in this song, my favorite would be "I've been chewed up and spit out" he hasn't literally been chewed up its a way to say I have been used and used and knocked down mentally and physically, and when there done they just leave him in that situation. The big message is if you have chance to make your dreams happen use it and if you fail try again.

Eminem grew up in a poor neighborhood moving from place to place in a trailer with his mom and sister. This meant he changed school every month. Marshall stayed in the 9th grade 3 times,he wasn't bad at school its just he wasn't at school he was usually in underground clubs doing rap battles hoping to be recognized by record producers so he could go main stream. After his mother wins bingo he doesn't have to work at the factory and uses this opportunity to win the Rap olympics and went on to making records and started using the stage name Slim Shady, after a few years later he starterd using the stage name Eminem.At this time gang realated crime or gang wars were big in the Broncs and California, so helping people trough these times was expressed through music.
He wrote the song because he hadn't been on the radio for a while and he wanted to show that he is dangerous. He was trying to show that he is very strong and powerful. At that time there were gang wars going on and Brooklyn was a really dangerous area.He used to host parties so he can increase his popular these parties where in damage building so the weren't won't cost at all but the building were broken so there was rumble on the floor and nobody could dance so the put folded up cardboard boxes on the floor.At that time fashion for rap artist wore a lot of good chains and normally wore black clothes and hats
LL Cool J was born in 14 January 1968.His parents died in mugging .So he lived with his grandmother until he was 20 years.When he was young his grandmother had got him a little rap set because he was really interested in rap.Then he starting making demo tapes and some other small time artist like his work.So he want to get more serious so his grandmother spend $2000
on equipment then he started throwing parties to getting attention he used to spread word at other big DJ's parties. Then he change his stage name to LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool James).
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