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The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

No description

Lachlan Calder

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Conflict The Conflict Of Man V's Man Bruno vs Society Inner-Conflict Conflict of Father and the Mother Conflict In The Boy In The Striped Pijamas One the conflicts shown in the novel by John Boyne is the conflict of man v man. This is expressed by the example of "nazi's" holding and killing "jews", why fight our same kind we are all human, respect peoples beliefs. The affect this has on one of the main characters Bruno is little, but on other characters such as Bruno's mother its is horrendous. Bruno is unaware of what and why there are people behind this fence and why he is on the other side free eating as much as he wants whenever he wants. Due to the lesser understanding of Bruno of the situation at hand it could have consequences such as making or mixing with the other kind (jews). One other issue faced by the main character Bruno is the conflict of Himself (Bruno) vs the Society. This is an ongoing issue for Bruno throughout the novel as not only are normal people restricting Bruno from the issues at hand but so are Bruno's parents. The consequences that Bruno's parents could face with keeping him from the truth is Bruno mixing with the wrong people resulting in possible death or inner conflict with Bruno. Many of the characters in the novel are affected by inner-conflict. The character Ralf the Commandant of "Out-With" is faced with inner-conflict by trying to not tell his family about what he does and why. He is faced with this conflict every day as Bruno and his wife become more and more suspicious. The Consequence of this for Ralf is his wife finds out about what he actually is doing at "work" and is faced with the reality of his wife leaving him. Another consequence of his actions is the loss of his son Bruno to his own death camp. The conflict between these two characters only really start when they are settled down at "Out-With". This is because Bruno's father Ralf keeps his work very close to him and doesn't want his family getting involved with his work. Due to this Bruon's mother becomes very deppresed and upset when she finds out what he actually is doing to the Jews. The consequence of this is the mother wanting to leave "out-with" aswell as Ralf Bruno's father pulling the family apart. Throught the novel The Boy In the Striped Pijamas by John Boyne has many different types of conflict running through the novel. There are many consequences because of the conflicts in the novel such as the death of Bruno. Due to Boyne using allot of conflict it has made the novel a much more interesting and kept you thinking throughout the novel. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
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