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05.03 Analyzing an Argument Discussion

No description

Jasmyne Mehrten

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of 05.03 Analyzing an Argument Discussion

2. There are many issues debated nowadays. Currently there is a lot of discussion about President Obama is going to do about the situation with Russia. Also the national debt and credibility of the president is a reoccurring debate.
Discussion (continued)
4. I mostly communicate through call or text, because I usually have my phone with me.
You answered all the questions in complete sentences, with information and content on point. I agreed with everything in your response and would not change anything about it
Discussion (continued)
Discussion (continued)
3. Most politicians are good at making and defending their arguments. I think their defense power depends how informed and literate they are.
1. The way that politicians communicate has changed a lot since our country was founded. Back in the beginning of the country the only way that a politicians thoughts could be heard all over the country was travel. Today politicians can go on the TV or internet to speak to the country.
05.03 Analyzing an Argument Discussion
05.03B Analyzing an Argument
By: Jasmyne Mehrten
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