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ROL Cruise [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 14 August 2017

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Transcript of ROL Cruise [Shared]

Text The UK’s No1 Independent Cruise Specialists
We’re are a multi award winning company
We are driven by quality, service and value
We believe we are different
How do we
We innovate, we demonstrate our difference in all we do and we continue to invest in our greatest asset
Our people
Each one an individual, and each one with the ability to be
Excellence will deliver the
that sets us apart, keeps us as No.1
Having a common purpose will help us all focus of excellence
Excellence across all aspects of the business every single thing we do matters
Excellence is not always about workload!
Our Vision
ACE is a customer focused training programme that incorporates the whole company through staff engagement.
Everyone will recognise that they have a ‘purpose’ to their role which can be aligned to the company top line objectives.
Staff will be able to see how they are making a difference to the bigger picture and at the same time providing the customer with the very best service.
Staff engagement and involvement helps to build collaboration, ownership and improve communication.
What Will ACE Mean to Me?
It’s about personal
career development, giving each individual the ‘Tools’ to do the best job you can
It’s about encouraging you to shape your own career
It’s about working together and improving communication
It’s about having a purpose to your role and how you can influence the bigger picture
It’s about raising the bar and making small changes that ultimately make a big difference
Small changes really matter
Introducing Marginal Gains (t)
Marginal gains are all about small incremental improvements in any process adding up to a significant improvement when they are all added together
Marginal gains are used in company’s but more notably in elite sports to deliver competitive edge (t)
Through ACE we believe that it is possible to make a 1% improvement in a whole host of areas and the cumulative gains will end up being hugely significant towards the company’s overall performance
What is Different About ‘ACE?’
Standards required will be consistent across the business
Goals and Objectives will be formed around key business targets
ACE has been designed in a way that all staff will be recognised fairly and equally
Every individuals career goal will be recognised and encouraged
The success will require smarter management of the ‘Academy’
Academy events and department training days throughout the year
Delivering Excellence
Every department has set their own standards of delivering objectives and targets that you will continue to work towards
You will work closely with your managers to develop your own personal goals in a continuous performance management style.
We will show you how your role can be aligned to shaping the company and moving it forward and encourage your feedback on how you can make a difference.
We will ask you to always put the customer first and make a difference to their experience with us. Which in turn we will see a positive impact on job satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer retention and increased revenue.
We will reward those teams/individuals who have exceeded on delivering excellence by recognising ‘Excellence Achievers’ on a quarterly basis – these people will then go on to be the nominees at the next Academy Awards.
Training and Development Excellence
Identify the training and development needs for each department / individual
Set ‘relevant’ SMART goals for each department / individual
Implement measures where Directors / Hods will be able to track performance and development
Regular interaction with staff to encourage feedback can play a role in improving communication and allow staff to share ideas.
New starter plans – what do you want them to achieve
Culture and Communication Excellence
Improve knowledge & Understanding
Improve communication
Encourage ownership and accountability
Improve efficiencies and quality of service
Working together in a collaborative style
Partnership Excellence
A seamless approach to working as a partnership to achieve the same goal both internally with colleagues and externally with all suppliers/ business partners
Improve communication
Improve efficiencies & quality of service
Customer Excellence
Understand who our customers are
Create a connection with our customers - Customers become loyal because they feel connected to a company
Capture customer’s feedback to be able to identify if we are delivering the right level of customer experience.
Data Excellence
Improved data = better quality calls and higher sales conversion
Improved understanding of our customers’ preferences
Improved customer retention
ROL database growth through increased word of mouth referrals – Recommend a Friend & Cruise Miles
Improved customer satisfaction
Reduce time spent cleaning up customer profiles
More effective data analysis and ease of reporting
Ensure compliance with data protection regulations
Company Goals & Business Objectives
ACE Recognition
/ Measurement
Quarterly Recognition - ‘’Excellence Achievers’’ – based on the core value objectives
Quarterly Academy of Cruise Excellence Events - first one in December
Annual Academy Awards - The nominees will be the excellence achievers from each quarter
Wall of Fame - Academy winners
Ace (Quarterly) Newsletter – updates on company performance, awards, promotions, achievements, what have we done well at this quarter, recognising positive customer and partnership feedback - tying it to a specific team/individual to show how they are making a difference to the customer experience
Continuous Performance Management - Internal recording system for individuals to monitor their own performance/progress via a Talent Management System
Repeat booking factor
Passenger Volume
Average Booking Value
Competitor Analysis & Review
Maintain Customer Satisfaction scores
New customer acquisition = Growing the Database
We pride ourselves on a very high level of customer service.
We promote staff from within to build on knowledge.
We have an accredited personal development programme.
We have loyal and experienced members of staff.
We have the desire to be different through, creative, proactive, innovative products, processes and performance.
ROL encourages people to have their own opinions and discuss ideas, this enables the company to evolve.
The number of awards won by ROL is a testament to the company’s dedication to be the best.
75% of staff have worked here for over 5 years!
Spare content
Excellence drives difference
Excellence is what will make us deliver our vision of ‘experience the difference'
Excellence across all aspects of the business – everyone matters
Marginal gains will lead excellence- lots of small changes
Having a common purpose -
It’s not always about extra workload!
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