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No description

Dayn Imagine

on 10 December 2013

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photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
The Ultimate Boon
Atonement with the Father
Belly of the Whale
Road of Trials
Call To Adveture
The Crossing of the Threshold

Wanda tells the Seeker about Melanie’s family; she feels bad and wants to fix it; Melanie tells her to go find her family.
This reveals that Wanda is very kind hearted, loving and wants to help everyone; we see that she starts becoming more human; it also shows what control that melanise has over Wanda; Melanie still believes in humanity but she has to deal with Wanderer; Wanderer is very easily persuaded because she has the feelings that Melanie used to have.
Wanda starts to drive to find them, she has second thoughts and wants to turn around; Melanie doesn’t let her.
Wanda does not yet know exactly what she wants yet; Melanie still controls Wanda quite a bit; Wanderer is confused and I think a little frightened because she is on a new strange planet; She isn’t used to sharing a host with the original “owner”, usually all that’s left of them are the memories; so she is not quite sure what to do.
Melanie wants to get to her family so badly, she is willing to team up with a Soul; Melanie shows Wanda what to do; Melanie doesn’t take no for an answer.
Melanie is very controlling; it shows that she has been in the “war” with the souls long enough to know what to do against them; Melanie is strong in heart, and physically, so she needs to help Wanderer control her body.
Wanderer coming from a different planet to earth; Melanie makes Wanda go into the desert and walk aimlessly to find her family; they have to walk miles in the desert.
Wanderer coming to earth shows what Wanda was before she came to earth, also that she comes from many different places and has been in many different hosts; Melanie making Wanderer walk in the desert shows how much of the host can take over a soul; also it shows that souls are very cooperative.
When Uncle Jeb finds them stranded in the desert, he automatically takes them into the caves to help them, even though his niece, Melanie, has been taken over by a soul, Wanderer, he still believes that Melanie is alive in her body somewhere; no one else believes him and wants to kill her; Melanie’s boyfriend, Jared, hates seeing Wanda in Melanie’s body, but he can’t kill her because its Mel’s body and he loves her; Jared still doesn’t believe that Mel is alive.
Humans at this point are very cautious, they see a soul they kill it; they never try to negotiate or find out about the soul; the human race is dying; souls are trying to fully eliminate human’s; Melanie is still alive, but no one knows it even when Wanda says it, they think she’s just trying to stay alive; Jared and Melanie are so in love, Jared can’t just accept the fact that Mel has been taken over, Wanderer learns how violent the humans actually are; she starts to understand why the souls wanted to eliminate them, but also she is starting to realize what love is, as of the fact she has all of Melanie’s old feelings; it’s a dangerous place for a soul among humans.
Wanderer goes missing so the seekers (police) make a search party for her; this causes a problem for the human’s; they need to go out and get more food so Jared and some others leave; Jeb starts making Wanderer work; Melanie’s little brother Jamie finds wanderer and starts helping her; Ian, whom at first wanted to kill Wanderer, starts falling for her, which angers Melanie; Ian’s brother Kyle tries to kill Wanderer multiple times; Jamie gets hurt an becomes very sick; the humans become friends with Wanda; the humans try to take out the souls from the human hosts but fail and kill both the souls and the human; Wanda finds out and freaks out.
During all these trials, Wanda becomes more and more human; she learns to love more and care more; she becomes friends with the humans, including Melanie; everyone starts to believe that Mel is still alive; Wanda becomes part of their family and part of the rebellion against the souls; Melanie loves Jamie so she is very grateful to be able to still keep him safe with Wanderers help, she is starting to appreciate being taken over by such a kind hearted soul; Wanderer is becoming so much more human throughout the trials, she starts to feel so many more emotions like love; Wanda is so kind that she saves the man whom tries to kill her, Kyle; When Jamie gets sick, we see how many of Mel’s emotions Wanda has gained, such as love for her brother.
Throughout the whole time in the caves, Jeb is watching over Wanda and keeping her safe; teaching her things and helping her learn how to be human.
Jeb is an older fellow, therefore he is wiser; He loves his niece very much so he doesn’t want to lose her; he is caring for everyone, even souls; he knows what to believe and what not to; he has very good judgement.
Jared Howe is a big temptation; being Melanie’s boyfriend, Wanda feels love towards him, but she knows that it’s wrong; another temptation of hers is just to leave and go back to the souls; Ian is the biggest temptation, she loves him but can’t show him properly because it’s not her body, it’s Mel’s.
Wanda cares about others much more than herself and we see that when she tries to just ignore her feelings towards Jared for Mel’s sake; Wanda considers going back, but she knows she can’t do that because if she did that would put her family in danger; Wanda cares about Melanie so much, she gives up being with Ian.
After Jamie gets sick, they let Wanda go out and find medicine for him; Wanda decides to show them how to take out a soul from someone after she saves Jamie and they capture the Seeker; Wanda tells them how and they take out the Seeker and save the Host; Wanda decides that in doing this, she will also be taken out so she can give Mel back her body.
Wanda is kind; she wants to make everyone happy, even if that means giving up her body and the best life she has ever had; She knows she doesn’t belong there fully and she loves them all enough to give them back their Melanie; by capturing the seeker, they eliminated the threat of the souls trying to capture them, and also eliminated Wanda's fear of her.
Melanie doesn’t want Wanda to leave and neither does Ian; Jared doesn’t want her to go, but is very happy that he is getting his Melanie back; Jamie wants to have them both more than anything,
Everyone loves Wanda and doesn’t want her to leave; Wanda thinks it’s necessary; Wanderer doesn’t want to take any more bodies that aren’t hers
Finally, after all of it, Wanda goes to the doctor to get her taken out of Melanie; she does it secretly so no one knows that she’s leaving; She decides she doesn’t want to leave this world but she also doesn’t want to take another humans life for their body, so she decides she wants to die; Melanie objects and says that they need her and that she is willing to share her body as long as she stays.
Wanderer loves everyone, even the humans; she loves Melanie and Jamie and Jared like they were her family, so she wants to give her family back Melanie; Melanie has become less controlling and more loving and caring because of Wanda.
Doc gets everyone to help him save Wanderer; They all get her a new host, one that was already taken over before; Wanderer returns fine in her new host and lives in the cave with Melanie and Jamie and Jared as her family and she is able to live and have an amazing life in love with Ian.
Everyone in the caves are changed; all of them are kinder and sweeter and more caring; everyone learns how to deal with souls.
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