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pantyhose art sculpture

No description

Colette Christensen

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of pantyhose art sculpture

Pantyhose Sculpture Due: January 16
You will make an intriguing sculpture using wire
and nylon that focuses on space and form. Step 1: Create the shape with wire Step 2: Paint the shape with gesso Step 3: Paint (with acrylic) a creative design on the exterior sculpture. Requirements:
1. You must create a kinetic wire sculpture that activates the negative space.
2. You will create a sculpture that creates a 3-dimensional organic or geometric shape.
3. Your sculpture must use realistic texture or design that covers 90%.
4. You must use good craftsmanship. Written Statement Questions: Describe your Pantyhose Sculpture. What type of design/texture did you choose? Did you purposely choose your design/texture to compliment the form? How does your form activate the negative space? Did you enjoy this project or did you find it challenging? Form - is an object having three-dimensions. Space - the element of art that refers to the emptiness or area between, around, above, below, or within objects.
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