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Kristie Vanderzanden

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of England

England was inhabited more than 800,000 years ago. Foot prints and flint tools were discovered at Happisburgh. In 1066, Normans discovered and conquered England. Below is England's coat of arms. Well, one of them.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made the Sherlock Holmes books. Now, it's a popular television show on BBC. Most of England's people are Christians.
A cool animal in England is the Hawk. The Hawk has amazing eye sight and has amazing speeds. Moths in England can live in swarms that have up to 2,100 hundred moths.
One of the foods that people eat are fish and chips. This food was introduced to England in circa 1870(not exactly). England is one of the few countries with cask conditioned beer that is still a major part of the market. After WW 2, more people were becoming vegetarians.
The government in England is Monarchy and the current ruler is Queen Elizabeth. The house of Lords has 574 peers
The capital of England is London. It's also where the hit T.V. show takes place. The hit T.V. show is BBC Sherlock
Snails in England are sometimes eaten by people in England.
Baby doves in England are called squabs.
By: Kendrick Luna
People at home can watch BBC Sherlock and Doctor Who on T.V. They like to play Cricket, their version of baseball. Rugby is their version of football.
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