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EOD Robot

mr.Andy class project

rowan wittsell

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of EOD Robot

By John and Rowan The robot simulates military personnel going into the heat of battle defusing and planting bombs The EOD Robot It is used in the military and has had many missions in Iraq and Afghanistan The EOD robot defuses and plants bombs The EOD can turn a full 360 degrees on both body and arm, it is water tight, and it can go over almost any terrain. It's water tight "chassis" or body is made from aircraft grade aluminum which is ribbed for extra mobility and strength. It also has lights on it to see at night (only on some models). Other Cool Facts! What human function or task
does the EOD simulate? What task does
the EOD robot
perform? Where is the robot
used? What is a degree of freedom? A degree of freedom is how many different directions the
robot can move from (up,down,left,right,forward,backwards). The robot can have more than six degrees of freedom if there is more then one flexible "Joint". How many degrees of freedom
does the EOD bot have? In its wheels it has four degrees of freedom(forward,backward,left and right)
in its arm it has six degrees of freedom meaning it can spin 360 degrees (up, down, left, right, forward, backwards) Is the robotic end effector multifunctional? The end effector is the claw or hand on the end of the robots arm, and yes it is multifunctional. It can have different attachments that can go on the end effector as you will see in the video at the end of the presentation What other tasks can the EOD bot perform? It can grab things for you, it doesn't always have to be bombs. It can do anything a robotic arm can do How is it taught to perform its task? The robot isn't taught, you have to train the soldiers who are controlling the EOD robot. Training consists of the soldiers taking a course called the robotic vehicle training course. It is a realistic video game that simulates combat environments and uses the same controls as the actual robots use in Explosive Ordinance Disposal What sensors does the EOD bot have and how does the bot use those sensors? The EOD bot has a CBRNE sensor (chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear, and explosives). This sensor provides detection and identification of chemical, biological and explosive material. Advantages and disadvantages of using the EOD bot to complete the task of defusing and planting bombs A major advantage of the EOD bot is that it saves soldiers lives (IED's) from having to risk there lives if something goes wrong with the plant or defuse, that's why we use the EOD robot. Another advantage is that it is small so you can throw it in the back of any vehicle and carry it with ease. It is also good knowing a trained professional is controlling the robot. Robots that aren't controlled and do the same task over and over will more likely fail than a robot that someone can control on the spot. Another advantage is that the army would rather lose a robot then a trained IED soldier. Advantages Disadvantages A disadvantage is that the robot moves at a slow pace and could be seen and destroyed. Another disadvantage is if the controls mess up then the bot might accidentally set off the bomb, that's why it takes a long time to train military men to control these robots because one mistake and the robot will blow up. Impact that the EOD robot has had on the military The EOD bot has impacted the military very much because it risks robots not actual military personnel. An officer in charge of the 184th EOD robotics team said that, "The EOD missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan have exceeded the demand for robots." What type of jobs/careers can this robot create? The EOD robot can create jobs for anyone who wants to be in the military, anyone who wants to build robots, and anyone who would want to use/control a robot on the battlefield Other tasks that this robot could do in the future This robot could be a house hold robot because you could control the robot to get you things. It could also become an attack robot if you attached a machine gun to it Explosive Ordinance Disposal robot In some models of the robot it can be equipped with a grenade launcher. In every model though it can open doors and climb stairs. It also has four real time cameras on the back, front, elbow, and end effector so you always know whats going on (only on some models). Cool facts The controller THE END Any questions?
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