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Woyzeck Scene Twelve

No description

Kerry Eaves

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Woyzeck Scene Twelve

Woyzeck Scene Twelve
The Journeymen drunkenly sing as they stagger along the staging.
Woyzeck sees Marie and the Drum Major flirting and dancing through a pub window, at the end of the scene his anger and jealousy erupts as he lunges violently at the crowd and audience.
The audience will fear for Woyzeck's safety and the safety of others.
Woyzeck collapses on stage and the Journeymen stumble away.
Woyzeck walks to and two journeymen sit outside the local pub. Inside the pub Marie and the Drum Major dance flirtatiously suggesting that Woyzeck is distanced from his relationship with Marie as he has no influence to her happiness anymore. This is clearly presented with the window, also highlighting that he is an outsider and will never obtain a happy relationship.
Who: 1st Journeyman, 2nd Journeyman- Two drunkards staggering outside the bar, they represent the out of control and mislead part of Woyzeck's character. Woyzeck- Fragile and falling into insanity. Marie and Drum Major- They appear on a separate part of the stage to Woyzeck,

leaving the audience to question if this is a vision or the reality of Marie's cheating.
They will use slurred speech to present their drunken state.
The rehearsal technique nonsense would help them to create their relationship as they may frequently be able to communicate when they are drunk.
Also this will make the speech clear to the audience by enhancing their movements.
As they represent the out of control element of Woyzeck, their movements would be brash and violent.
He will be jittery with his movements showing his mental state of paranoia and loss of sanity.
Animal studies would make the actor playing Woyzeck act as a lizard, still, but aggressive.
His loud tone will highlight the anger he feels.
As the scene turns violent, his movements rise from slow to fast paced.
The audience will view Woyzeck’s breaking point and with the understanding of his character from past scenes they will predict a dismissive reaction, leading to shock when the scene reveals his true reaction.
Open and free body language showing her need of freedom.
Flirtatious, highlighting her lust but not love.
Her high pitch voice contrasts against her movements to question her innocence.
Close proximity to the Drum Major to accentuate her lust towards him compared to towards Woyzeck, who is away from the action.
The audience will dislike Marie, seeing her as a cheater and a liar, therefore they will sympathize with Woyzeck’s misery.
The progression of themes:
Violence and Delusion: "Let me punch a hole in your face, brother, for friendship’s sake." 2nd Journeyman
Lust: "On and on" Marie
Paranoia and Anger: "Slut!! - She’s hot, hot!" Woyzeck
Sympathy: "Him. He’s got her . . Like I had her at the beginning." Woyzeck
Sinister: "Wherefore is man?", Even money rots." 1st Journeyman
Religion: "piss on the crucifix and a Jew will die!" 1st Journeyman
Late evening in the winter of 1996. The late hour parallels with the confusing and distressing situation Woyzeck is faced with. Low key lighting will help to
make the audience question if the cheating is real or merely a vision from Woyzeck's insanity.
Drum Major
His closed body language presents him as a solider who is not accustomed to the company of women as romantic lovers.
The solid posture he maintains will show his strength.
The animal studies and puppetry rehearsal techniques help to present him as a predatory alpha male with control over Marie.
In the tragic aftermath of the First Gulf War many people were living in poverty and depression as their loved ones had passed away or the soldiers were not getting recognition for their hard work during the war.
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