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The Beautiful and Damned

No description

Courtney Jennings

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of The Beautiful and Damned

THE BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED Characterize Anthony-
privileged play boy who is just waiting for his grandfather to die so he can inherit his fortune Attended Harvard and had the potential to be great, but he was too lazy to accomplish anything. He was smart, but didnt have the desire to apply himself. The only things of worth he ever did was to marry the love of his life Gloria and join the army. He eventually begins to resent Gloria and their marriage. He doesn't have a job, he's not making any money, and all he and his wife ever do is party. He resorts to drinking. Anthony is used to having everything handed to him. He never learns that without hard work you cannot achieve success Goria-
social butterfly who dates many men before settling down with Anthony She hopes to go into the movies, but Anthony doesn't think she should work Quickly grows unhappy with partying lifestyle of her marriage. Argues with Anthony often and resents their lack of money Adam Patch-
the rich grandfather Anthony hopes to inherit money from In his old age, begins to support numerous charities-one of his main causes is prohibition He writes Anthony out of the will when he encounters Anthony and his friends on a drinking spell F. Scott Fitzgerald Born Frances Scott Key Fitzgerald Sept 24 1896 in St Paul Minnesota.
Second cousin three times removed to the author of the National Anthem.
First published work was a detective story published in his school newspaper when he was thirteen.
Attended Princeton, left to join the army in 1917.
He met his wife, Zelda, in 1918.
He died in 1940 of a heart attack Important works include This Side of Paradise, Tender is the Night, The Beautiful and Damned, and The Great Gatsby among various short stories.
Fitzgerald commonly wrote satirical novels which mirrored the lifestyle of the roaring twenties. He is considered an author of the ‘Lost Generation’, a group of authors who had lost faith in their generation.
Irony In the end, Anthony, penniless, runs to Bloeckman for help after all the years of resenting him for liking Gloria. Themes The American Dream (or loss of)
Anthony dreams of being rich and successful, but lacks the determination to get there. He spends much of the novel wishing for wealth. Classism
A common theme throughout the novel is the idea of classes of society. Anthony and Gloria frequently think of others in terms of better or worse off than them. The victor belongs to the spoils-
Similar to the common phrase 'to the victor goes the spoils', this phrase is coined by Adam Patch. It means that the winner belongs to the prize he gains. Anthony lives for inheriting the money his grandfather was going to leave him. In the end, Anthony receives the money he has hoped for the whole novel, but it doesn't make him happy or solve all of his problems like he had hoped. Joseph Bloeckman- a former boyfriend of Gloria whom Anthony resents because he has lingering feelings for her. Bloeckman is a movie executive. He is much more successful than Anthony could hope to be, and he worked hard to get there-another reason for Anthony to hate him. Summarize The Beautiful and Damned tells the story of Anthony and Gloria Patch. Their entire marriage is based on the plan that they will inherit money from Anthony's grandpa and be rich As Adam Patch lives longer and thier money supply grows smaller, their marriage begins to deteriorate. They resort to drinking and partying and argue constantly. They begin to resent one another. Eventually, Anthony and Gloria get what they've wanted all along, but at that point they are friendless, penniless, and detest each other. They learn that money doesn't buy happiness. Point of View The story is written from the 3rd person omniscient. The narrator is not part of the story and yet we know the character's thoughts as well as the action that goes on.
Symbolize The gray house symbolizes the Patch's marriage. The first summer they go to the house, they are happy-they love the house and each other. Each subsequent summer they like the house and their summers away less and less, and begin to like each other less and less. By the last summer they spend there, they can barely stand each other and spend most of their time drunk, ignoring each other. She's very peculiar and often has odd habits, which often frustrate Anthony Setting The novel is set in New York. The Patch's live in several different apartments throughout the course of the novel. As time moves on and they still aren't making money, they can afford less and less extravagant homes. Tone The novel has a satirical tone about it. It is clear that Fitzgerald is poking fun at the higher class who believe they are entitled to everything that is handed to them. He also exposes the dangers behind drinking. Anthony turns into a raging drunk, a clear call for prohibition. Fitzgerald writes very figuratively and descriptively.
“It is seven thirty on an August evening. The windows in the living room of the gray house are wide open patiently exchanging the tainted inner atmosphere of liquor and smoke for the fresh drowsiness of the late hot dusk. There are dying flower scents upon the air, so thin, so fragile, as to hint already of a summer laid away in time.” During the summer, the Patch's spend their time in a little gray house they rent outside the city. Criticize Both Prigozy and Cain argue that the characters of Anthony and Gloria are base on Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. "Some of the incidents in the courtship and early marriage sequences (of Anthony and Gloria) are closely analogous to Fitzgerald's courtship and marriage to Zelda" (Prigozy). The Fitzgerald's had a whirlwind romance, similar to the Patch's. They fought, Zelda continued to see other men, and they separated for a time like Anthony and Gloria. Scott began to drink at a young age and his alcoholism eventually drove Zelda away. In The Beautiful and Damned, he warns of the dangers of alcohol-it ruined Anthony and Gloria's marriage like it ruined his own. "Clearly Fitzgerald's own experiences with Zelda Fitzgerald...deprived him of the distance he needed from his characters and from the world of the novel" (Prigozy). Fame and money could not bring happiness to the Fitzgeralds. Their marriage had all but fallen apart when Scott died. Zelda was in a mental hospital. When Anthony and Gloria inherited the money, their marriage was beyond repair. "Anthony and Gloria Patch are both selfish and promising: His mind is literary, her face is cinematic. They have charm. Each has an aura, and together they radiate a veritable nimbus. But neither of them has a spark, and so the aura they share thickens, darkens, sets. Perhaps Fitzgerald had learned from Zelda that an artist's aura becomes poisonous if it does not lead to art" (Cain). Zelda wished to write and be a ballerina. Anthony never acheived anything-he wished to write but did not succeed. Zelda waited until she was in the mental hospital to begin writing-she had already wasted away at that point. The similarities between Anthony and Gloria Patch and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald are plain and clear. There is no doubt that certain aspects of the Patch's relationship mirrored those of the Fitzgeralds. Courtney Jennings Gloria repeatedly looks down on those who are of a lesser class than her and speaks badly of the 'unclean'. At the end of the novel, she is literally penniless-there is no money in their bank account and they can barely afford food, much less luxuries like new clothes. Quotes "... After a moment she found a pencil and holding it unsteadily drew three parallel lines beneath the last entry. Then she printed FINIS in large capitals, put the book back in the drawer, and crept into bed."
Gloria writes 'finis' under the last entry in her diary the night before her wedding and never writes in it again. This shows that, to her, her marriage signifies the end of her life as she knew it.
"There was the union of his soul with Gloria's, whose radiant fire and freshness was the living material of which the dead beauty of books was made."
When Gloria and Anthony are first married, they are very much in love, later on, these warm thought are far from either of their minds.

"I do nothing, for there's nothing I can do that's worth doing."
Anthony tells Gloria that he does no work on one of their first dates. He thinks nothing is worth doing because he thinks he will inherit his grandfather's money.
"Things are sweeter when they're lost. I know--because once I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted badly, Dot, and when I got it it turned to dust in my hand."
Anthony is talking about the woman he had an affair with-he wanted her, but their relationship was bitter to him. It represents the money he inherits as well-he wants the money more than anything, but it cannot solve his problems. Imagery Fitzgerald's works are characterized by strong imagery. "They came upon it just west of the village, where it rested against a sky that was a warm blue cloak buttoned with tiny stars." "The hammock! a host of new dreams in tune to its imagined rhythm, while the wind stirred it and waves of sun undulated over the shadows of blown wheat, or the dusty road freckled and darkened with quiet summer rain..." My Thoughts I didn't enjoy the novel until Anthony met Gloria. The way they fell in love and got married despite their differences was sweet. The middle of the book-Anthony and Gloria's marriage was frustrating. Gloria was increasingly annoying-she had so many crazy habits and was sometimes flat out rude to Anthony. When Anthony joins the army, I was sad for Gloria, left behind, and angry when Anthony started seeing Dot. When he returned, the Patch's marriage fell apart. It was sad to see Anthony throw his potential away and become a lousy drunk. In the end, when they received the money from Adam, I was surprised. I didn't think they deserved the money. But the fact that money didn't solve all of their problems ended the story with a good moral. Works Cited Bruccoli, Matthew J. “A Brief Life of Fitzgerald.” The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society. 2009. web. 19 March 2011.

Caleb Crain. “Scott Fitzgerald was Different.” The New York Times. 24 December 2000. web. 30 March 2011.

Prgozy, Ruth. "Afterword." The Beautiful and the Damned. By F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Willett, Erika. “F. Scott Fitzgerald and the American Dream.” PBS Online. n.d. web. 30 March 2011. The title it self is symbolic of the message behind the novel. While Gloria and Anthony were considered "beautiful people" because they were privilged, they were also damned because they could never be happy with what they had.
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