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The Invisible Apocalypse

No description

James Devoy

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Invisible Apocalypse

On our voyage we shall fly to the JFK airport in the United States of America.
Soon after we fly to the Keflavík International Airport in Iceland.
Then to our final destination the Vagar Airport in the Faroe islands.
4 days until the apocalypse.
This day we use the hatchet to cut down a smaller tree.
Using our tents, we set up camp and a fire using the newly acquired wood using lighter fluid to jump start the fire.
3 days until the apocalypse.
We will purchase Plywood from the local Home Depot.
And while we Continue to live within the tents while beginning construction of the shelter.
2 day until the apocalypse .
Complete flooring of shelter.
Begin the walls of the shelter.
Continue living in tents.
1 day before the apocalypse.
Completion of walls, also completion of roof for the Shelter.
Prepare for all electronics to be gone.
Survive for 6 months
By Aaron Long and James Devoy
The Invisible Apocalypse (EMP)
The Supplies that will allow us to survive in a dark world.
2x Hand-held water filtration water bottles. $28
45 pounds of salted meat. $155
2x Large boxes of matches. $8
2x .243 Winchester rifles $500
1x Varmint X .243 Win. 58 Ammo, 20 rounds $26
1x 5 pound sack of corn kernels. $13
1x Hand-held saw blade. $35
2x Green hatchets. $90
2x Lighter Fluid, 4 fl oz. $6
120 Screws and 120 nails. $20
The flights takes 72 hours over all
Endure cold
Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 34°F to 56°F and is rarely below 26°F or above 60°F.
Supplies - $861
tickets - $922
building material - $500
Total - $2,283
Our water filtration bottles will not last us forever so we will create a water filtration system.
A layer of charcoal, some sand, an assortment of small rocks, add another layer of sand, and top it off with a final layer of rocks.
After this you should still boil it to kill bacteria.
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