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atmosphere brochure

No description

leah smith

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of atmosphere brochure

Double click anywhere & add an idea Atmosphere Troposphere here is where earths weather occurs this layer is the shalowest layer
Stratosphere the stratosphere is 50 killometers from earth the stratosphere contains the ozone layer. Mesosphere meso means middle 50 killometers above earth's surface and ends at an altitude of 80 killometers this layer of atmosphere protects earth's surface for being hit by medeoroids thermosphere 80 killometers above earth's surface. this is the outer most layer. thermo means heat the termoshpere can get up to 1,800 degrees calceus. this is because the sunlight strikes it first. troposhere stratosphere mesosphere thermosphere packing list

hard hat
heavy winter coat
gas mask
uvi protection glasses

the briliant lights of the northern lights are in this layer! northern lights
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