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Boston University Presentation

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Matthew Bailey

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Boston University Presentation

Boston University Boston, MA Prices Sports GPA Requirements G There are about five hundred student athletes at Boston University. The Athletics Department is dedicated to excellence in athletics, academics, and community. The student athletes are expected to display commitment, integrity, and sportsmanship. Social Life Ethnicity Boston University is a huge school. With 133 acres, 2 campuses, over 33,000 students from over 149 different countries, over 10,000 faculty and staff, 16 schools and colleges, and 250 fields of study, Boston University is a very social school. There are 13 sororities and 12 fraternities, with over 1,500 students affiliated with a fraternal organization. This is about 13% of the school population. The school also hosts social events (dances, lectures, comedy nights,...etc.) and sporting activities. Outsided the campus, there is a lot to do. Boston is a beautiful city rich in history. You will have no problem making friends with people at Boston University Scholarships and Degrees Weather Location "Boston is a city that is populated by thousands of students, due to the number of universities and colleges (about 60 all together) in the area—something that is also described by most as one of the greatest benefits for BU students. Since there is no reason to be stuck on campus, the best way to have a good experience is to take full advantage of the city.
Due to the overwhelming population of young people in Boston, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are older people and little kids around. Considering this fact, however, the city remains relatively conservative. Everything shuts down at 2 in the morning, mainly due to Puritan liquor license laws. There are even laws preventing the sale of deodorants on Sunday (this is no longer enforced, but remains in existence)."
-The area is very flat with many waterways. The mountains lay to the western part of Massachusetts. Boston University's address is 1 Silber Way, Boston MA 02215. Here is a map below showing that most of the school is located near the Charles River- Men's and Women's Basketball
Men's and Women's Soccer
Cross Country, Track & Field
Women's Ice Hockey
Men's Crew
Women's rowing
Swimming and Diving
Men's and Women's Volleyball
Women's Synchronized Skating
Men's and Women's Water Polo
"Everyone agrees: If you like that whole warm-weather thing, stay far away from Boston. The winter weather can be brutal, and the winter always seems to creep into the fall and the spring. Most apartments have heat included, so do not make the mistake of getting a place that doesn’t because bills can hit $200 in the winter months. The gray skies, however, do break up occasionally, and when they do, Bostonians shed their layers and head outside. You will be amazed at how much a nice day is appreciated once you have been deprived of sunshine for so long. Boston is beautiful in the spring, once it eventually arrives."
-For the most part, the weather is hot and humid in the summer, and freezing in the winter- Opinion by BU Student Opinion by BU Student The cost to go to Boston University is set up into two categories: a resident's fee and a commuter's fee. The school also offers financial aid to help pay off the money required to go to Boston University.

The resident's fee includes tuition, personal expenses, books, room and boarding, meals, traveling, and insurance. This fee is $59,100 total.
The commuter's fee includes tuition, personal expenses, meals, traveling, and insurance. This fee is $49,900 total. Gender Female population: 19,236 Male population: 13,203 These are some of the requirements to get into the school: You must have a B+ or higher, you must have an ACT composite score above 25 points, and you must have an average SAT score of 2100. These people are most likely to be admitted to the school. These test results are already waited. Archery
Women's Rugby
Table Tennis
Ice Hockey
Inline Hockey
Shotokan Karate
Men's and Women's Frisbee
Jiu Jitsu
Ski Racing
Kung Fu
Figure Skating
Synchronized Swimming
Men's and Women's Rugby Sports: There are two kinds of Boston University scholarships: merit and need. A merit scholarship is awarded to a student if the student is worthy of a scholarship. There are many merit scholarships that can be awarded: a trustee scholarship
presidential scholarship
Boston High School scholarship
Cardinal Medeiros scholarship
college of engineering FIRST scholarship
college of fine arts scholarship
national scholars scholarship
National Hispanic Recognition Program scholarship
dean’s scholarship
Methodist clergy scholarship
financial aid. Thanks For Watching!!! THE END!!! Boston University Team Mascot:
Rhett the Boston Terrier EST. 1839
Learning, Virtue, Piety Master's Degrees & PHDs Arts and Science
Liberal Studies
Computer Science
Criminal Justice and Law
Film Production and Acting
Communications and Journalism Masters PHDs School of Social Work
School of Public Health
School of Medicine/Dental
School of Management
School of Law
School of Education Honors Society As a student you will enroll in one of BU’s eight 4-year undergraduate schools and colleges where you will complete a program of coursework in a chosen major. But at the same time you will follow a curriculum of innovative multidisciplinary study throughout your four years at BU. You will have opportunities outside the classroom to connect with the larger community of scientific, business, cultural, and political leaders as part of your broader experience. The most academically qualified students admitted to the School of Management (SMG) are invited to participate in the SMG Honors Program, a challenging curriculum for academically talented management students. If you qualify, you will participate in weekly colloquial intended to complement and lend depth to the freshman management course, attend exclusive seminars on topics such as intellectual property, social responsibility, and investing in green technologies, and enjoy unique networking opportunities. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore internships during the summers and to study abroad. (Taken directly from BU website.) Most Famous Alumni:
Martin Luther King Jr. A “need” scholarship is only given in terms of financial need. Federal and state grants are government-funded awards. It is required to file the FAFSA in order to get these scholarships. There are also award packages which include all that have been listed. At Boston University, degrees are awarded in each of the 250+ subjects. Boston University was the first college to admit women to all of its academic programs, and was also the first college to award a PHD to a woman.
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