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All About You Student Project

Lit 5034

Kayla Guenther

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of All About You Student Project

Kayla Guenther All About Me

Student Project Overview Parent Involvement *Students will complete 4 important dates from their life and send in a baby picture Creating the Book During Daily 5 stations the students will work with the teacher to create the lap book about themselves Students will create a lap book to show case themselves to the class. Introduction Read the book I Like Myself
Discuss what students like about themselves and what makes each of them unique
Students played a sorting game on the carpet Creating Presentation The students will get to use the share chair to present their books to the class.
Each students will present
After all students present as a class we will talk about interesting facts we learned about each other and the similarities and differences we noticed
The students will get to sort themselves again using the topics in the lap books Parent Presentation Students will present their moms the lap book as a Mother's Day gift at our annual Muffins for Mom event May 10th Alternative Uses Beginning of the year class building activity
Portfolio for the end of the year
Diversity projects
Lap book style can be adapted to fit other subjects Components My house
siblings, pets, rooms, toys, etc
Measurements More Creating Challenges materials
if you don't have file folders, use large sheet of construction paper
at the Kindergarten level the students need a lot of help....recruit!
parent participation
some parents did not send in the dates and pictures, so we used Kindergarten dates and pictures I took Student Responses Student #1
"My mom is going to like it!" Student #2
" I liked measuring my self." Components Continued Personal physical characteristics
Favorite things
toys, food, colors, people, etc.
Timeline of events Student #3
"Hearing everyone say what they liked at my group was cool." Student #4
"I like moving around the carpet when we sorted everyone!" Successes The students grasped the concept they were different, but the same
The students have really taken pride in finishing the books with their best work
The students have a great job of helping each other when the teacher is not able to get to everyone at once
The parent volunteer who helped assemble some books is excited to get her son's finished product
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