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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

No description

Lindsey Mueller

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Education Requirements
RN license
PhD and MSN can do the most in Mental Health nursing
Certifications are available at all levels
The nurses would deal with a large variety of patients and each case would be very different.
Some work will be one on one with a patient but sometimes a nurse can work with a group or a family.
Some diseases and conditions one might see in the patients include (but are not limited to):
-bipolar disorder
-different anxiety disorders
-substance abuse
Careers in Mental Health Nursing
Clinical Level
Managers at the clinical level
Private Practice
Work with a psychologist in both private and clinical level practice
Opportunities to work with all ages
Substance Abuse Programs
Can make from $ 29,680-$110,738

It’s our overall…
Emotional, Psychological, Social well-being

It affects how we…
Think, Feel, Act

It determines how we handle…
Communicating with others, making everyday decisions, and dealing with stress

Factors that affect mental health…
Life experiences, Brain Chemistry, Family History

Psychiatric-Mental Health Certification
You take a test from the American Nurses Credentialing Center's exam
It is a 3.5 hour exam of 175 questions
-Patient assessment
-Diagnoses, planning, & outcome identification
-Implementation and evaluation of plan of care
-Professional role as a nurse
New title is RN-BC (board-certified)
UC CoN Psychatric-Mental Health NP Program
Must already have your MSN to be in the program
Online, part-time for four semesters
Prepares students to take ANCC's Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner exam
They need to be able to…
1) Work with individuals and their families to assess their
mental health needs
2) Deem a diagnosis
3) Create a plan of care for the patient
4) Nurse Patient back to good health
5) Evaluate Patient changes

Additional Skills:
Trained in Behavioral Therapy
Strength of your own personality
Be able to show empathy
Be able to diffuse tension to avoid violence
Be a good teacher
Be a good communicator

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
What is Mental Health?
What skills are needed for Mental Health Nursing?
Which opportunity is right for you?
By: Maddy, Patrick, Maggie, & Lindsey
Now it's your turn!
A patient with clenched fists is yelling, cursing, and pacing around the dayroom. This behavior typifies which phase of the assault cycle?
A. Compulsivity

B. Crisis

C. Disorientation

D. Escalation
A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor targets which part of the brain?
A. Basal ganglia

B. Frontal cortex

C. Hippocampus

D. Putamen
The nursing staff at a community mental health center is formulating an outpatient treatment plan for a 30-year-old female patient with schizophrenia. A major consideration is that the:
A. patient will likely need weekly supportive treatment for life.

B. patient will require a referral for vocational rehabilitation services.

C patient's contact with the center will diminish as she becomes stable, but she will continue to need minimal ties.

D. patient's contact with the center will gradually decrease until her therapy can be terminated.

B. Frontal Cortex
D. Escalation
C. patient's contact with the center will diminish as she becomes stable, but she will continue to need minimal ties.
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