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God's Promises

No description

Stephen Johns

on 22 January 2017

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Transcript of God's Promises

God's Promises
are True
Romans 9:1-5
Speak into Theological Discouragement with the Authority, Affections, and Actions of God
The View of
The Discouraged

Their Contention
Their Reaction
Seeing us in Them
Deny the Truth:
Shoot the Messenger:
Elijah, Moses, Jeremiah
Job's wife, Habakkuk
Parable of the Wicked Tenants
The View of the Messenger
Communicate with the Authority of God
Have your conscience filtered by the Word
Don't just cite a text, read it with them
Emphasize God's authority and not your own
Don't make the focus you being attacked
The View of the Messenger
Communicate with the Affections of God
Lay down your life for them as Christ has for you
Pursue them for God and them and not for your sake
Pray until you are moved by a deep compassion for them before speaking with them
Are you loving them the way you would long for Christ to love you in your weakness?
The View of the Messenger
Communicate the Actions of God
Meditate on how you have seen God pursue, love, and show His kindness to them
Even sin confrontation is a reminder of God's loving pursuit
(John 15 and Hebrews 12)
Sanctification of their thinking, feeling, and acting is God's pursuit of His glory in them
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