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1251EDN Final task

No description

Patrick Garner

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of 1251EDN Final task

My 12 week 1251EDN Journey Explaining I.C.T. At first i had know idea what I.C.T. meant let alone be able to incorporate it in my future teaching practices. I.C.T. put simply is Information, Communication and Technologies. Why do we use I.C.T's. in the classroom? Students of today are 21st century learners, having been bought up using technology in their everyday lives. Therefore it is important for teachers to be 21st century educators too. The Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority lists I.C.T. as 1 of its 7, general capabilities that support students to become successful, creative, confident and active learners. What did i know before i started 1251EDN...... Not much..... Who do I.C.T's. allow us to communicate with? EVERYONE!!! How I.C.T's. help communicate to teach diverse people all at once? After a couple of weeks, my understanding grew... I.C.T's. allow you to reach more people...... How I.C.T's will help me with teaching areas of H.P.E and Geography? What is TPACK? One day i stumbled upon this thing called TPACK. In the old days teachers had to be experienced in knowing the content and their teaching method. In the 21st Century, not only do they need to know that BUT they need to be able to present that information using appropriate technology. What do i know now about ICT's? By using these tools and many more i will be able to reach a greater diversity of students!! Why will I.C.T's. make me a better teacher? With students being bought up using and playing with ipods, computers and many other technologies, it is a must for teachers to be able to provide their students with ways to express themselves with these technologies. With the students of today being 21st century learners, teachers must be 21st century educators. Teachers do not have to know everything about the technologies, but they should provide assistance and support to their students because they will be expecting to learn with it. I.C.T's. help contribute
to the greater
understanding of information to
enhance student outcomes!!
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