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BIM Around the World 2016

No description

Nicolás Ruggiero

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of BIM Around the World 2016

Adoption by Contractors (74%) recently exceed the architects (70%).
Before 2011 The UK construction industry has less enthusiasm for BIM
+ The adoption of BIM in FINLAND is further advanced than anywhere else in the world.
+ In Norway nowadays it’s even being taught in school.
+ the software market is dominated by home-grown products.
+ the construction industry is more fragmented, and this may make widespread adoption of BIM more difficult.
Indian companies in the main are approaching BIM with a view to providing modelling services to overseas companies.
There are lots of BIM Forums and Student Competitions every year.
+ BIM is starting to take off, but governments and industry associations are being urged to help speed up the process.
+ The target of all BIM companies
+ McGraw-Hill report reflects BIM’s rapid development in the country by featuring local case studies, although it's a young market today.

+ There´s no argument about whether it´s worth it. BIM is already working.
Phil Bernstein, Autodesk
The biggest impediment to widespread BIM adoption is the price of the application.
+ Qatar
+United Emirates
Mismatch between German, British and US standards adopted by many different construction companies.
Qatar Rail has already appointed Germany´s Hotchief ViCon as its adviser.
+ Brazil doesn´t have the same massive growth as in Qatar, BUT BIM is moving very fast.
Mohamad Kassem, Teesside University
Today Brazil has a reptutation as an academic BIM center, its universities are the THIRD behind US and Sweden on publishing BIM focused papers.
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