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If earth's axis were tilted so much that the north pole some

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Meeghan Lillestolen

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of If earth's axis were tilted so much that the north pole some

The southern hemisphere: The southern hemisphere would be in winter and fall when the North pole is facing the sun.
Northern Hemisphere:
As well as world wide flooding to coastal areas. And the solar system would be in danger of extinction. It would be around summer and spring when it is facing the sun
The Poles: The poles would probubly experience severe melting of the polar ice caps and there would be flooding all over the coastal area.
Top Secret
The equator would not be the hottest place on earth the poles would be either the poles if they are facing the sun or the Arctic if that is facing the sun.
Our observations: If the Poles were facing the sun directly they would get only direct sunlight. In the US we would get direct sunlight. In Wisconsin we would get direct sunlight.
When the poles are facing the sun that is
In the North Pole there would be 24hrs. of day light.
The season in the north pole would be summer and spring all year round
At the Equator
When the poles are facing the sun Wisconsin would be in summer and spring all year.
When the Arctic is facing the sun then Wisconsin would be in winter and fall all year.
Our presentation by:

If earth's axis were tilted so much that the north pole sometimes pointed straight at the sun, how would the hours of daylight be affected at your location?
By: Angel, Kai, Logan, and Meeghan
By: Kai Newman.
Science Research
The frozen snow and water will all melt
The poles would then move to the Arctic, because would always be winter.
Right now the earth is at a 23.5 degrees away from the sun.
If the north pole faced the sun at noon in Milwaukee it would still be in the same position at midnight on the same day.
Don't Touch Keep off Meeghan's Laptop!
In Antarctica: The would get direct sunlight to because of the earth's rotation around the sun. And when the earth rotates so that the sun faces Antarctica they would then get all the direct sun light in the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere would get none.
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Sophie at the park
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