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Ted Shawn

No description

Ashley David

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Ted Shawn

By: Ashley David Ted Shawn's influence on
American Modern Dance Artifacts "Father of American Dance" So...who IS Ted Shawn? Masculinity Themes, themes, themes! Did I really find my answers? Research
Questions What was Ted Shawn's influence in shaping the way for American male modern dancers?

How is Shawn's legacy continued today? Personal Relevance 1891- 1972
Diphtheria, paralysis and dance therapy
Jacob's Pillow purchased in 1931
Ted Shawn and His Male Dancers, 1933- 1940
Brought dance to mainstream America through theater and school at Jacob's Pillow Research
Methods Revolutionary Fundamental The mission to elevate the status of American male dancers was Shawn's lifelong passion.
Male dancing does not mean you're a "sissy"
Hard, physical labor of building the Pillow influenced the strong choreography
No women to be lifted, so it was the men — accent on them March 21, 1933— Ted Shawn and His Male Dancers gave their first, historic, all-male performance in Boston.
Company challenged and changed the course of American dance; first all male dance company in U.S.
Shawn was most proud of his efforts to carve a way for American men to be accepted and respected as dancers.
The development of Jacob's Pillow as a performance center and educational institution essentially byproduct of Shawn's Men Dancers
Ted Shawn was the first American man to achieve a world reputation in dance
Ted Shawn made a functional place for dance— something that had not happened before Alvin Ailey Jose Limon Merce Cunningham What was Ted Shawn's influence in shaping the way for American male modern dancers?

How is Shawn's legacy continued today?

Larger understanding? Lester Horton Rasta Thomas Everyone stand up!
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