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Explosion by banjo paterson

No description

danyel chivers

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Explosion by banjo paterson

about the author
High Explosive by Banjo Paterson
what is the poem about
the poem is about a dingo pup going out into the world to look for food. when he finds what he was lookingr he finds that the ducks have flown away leaving one egg. when he bites the egg it explodes because it is rotten. he then runs back to his mother and tells her what happened.
Banjo paterson has written over 200 poems including;

The Man From Snowy River
Our New Horse
A Bush Christening
and A Bushmans Song
Banjo grew up in the Australian bush. He loved living there and this is why he writes his poems about the Australian bush.
when i first read the title "high explosive" i thought the poem would be about guns and explosives.
Barty, as he was known to his family and friends, enjoyed a bush boyhood. When he was 7 the family moved to Illalong in the Yass district. Here, near the main route between Sydney and Melbourne, the exciting traffic of bullock teams, Cobb & Co. coaches and drovers with their mobs of stock and gold escorts became familiar sights. At picnic race meetings and polo matches, he saw in action-accomplished horsemen from the Murrumbidgee and Snowy Mountains country, which generated his lifelong enthusiasm for horses and horsemanship and eventually the writing of his famous equestrian ballads.
after reading the poem i realise i was completely wrong about what it meant.
the poem is really about an australian animal going out into the world.
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