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Yes We Cannon Advocacy

No description

Justin Jones

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Yes We Cannon Advocacy


Cannon St Sherman to Mary
Cannon St W of Mary
Golf Links Rd W of Stonechurch
Upper James S of Mohawk
Garth N of Fennel
Vehicles Per Lane Per Day on Hamilton Roads
= 1000 vehicles
Similar streets across North America that have installed bidirectional bike lanes have seen:
a decrease in the number of injuries to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists (anywhere from 56%-90% decrease)
incidences of speeding decrease, while average travel times remain about the same
dramatic (125-300%) increase in the number of cyclists
increases in land value and retail sales
Map from Google maps and Ryan McGreal
Why Cannon Street?
Why Bike Lanes?
Our Story...
May Art Crawl:
Yes We Cannon officially launched
500+ Signatures in the first 24 hours
Over 2300 signatures
Almost 300 written statements sent to council
Delegation before Council on Sept 5, 2013
Some of the voices we've heard...
As a both a motorist and cyclist, I appreciate the need to balance the interests of both types of traffic. Traffic on Cannon flows excellently across the majority of the street. Removing one lane would not significantly impact motorists in a negative way and would provide a further incentive for commuters to choose cycling. This would help in reducing congestion and parking issues especially in the downtown core.
I live in the North end, a five minute bike ride away from work. However, there is not a safe way for me to travel on a bike during rush hour, and usually end up driving. A dedicated bicycle lane running East-West would allow me to commute to work almost daily.
I drive down Cannon everyday and most drivers treat this like a highway. I'm amazed at how often people try to pass me when I wait for a crossing guard, how many children use this street daily, and the number of times I'm bound by large trucks. The nature of the traffic makes this street completely inhospitable for residents. Send the trucks on another route, slow down the traffic and make the street part of a neighbourhood again please. I'm a driver and I want it to change - I know this will mean it takes me another few minutes to get to work. I'll be ok.
We are a family with 3 small kids. We have one vehicle, and routinely use our bicycles for transportation. We are teaching our children bicycle safety, yet travelling any farther than our immediate neighbourhood is dangerous for families because of traffic concerns. A bicycle route across the city would make areas like the bayfront more accessible to us. I ride my bicycle to work everyday, and often consider my own safety as I travel. I take the safety measures available to me, and use bike lanes, bike routes, and rail trail wherever possible. I am still concerned for my safety as I travel down certain roads in our city. Main street is a major concern. I want to arrive alive, as a mom of 3, and I don't want a choice toward environmental sustainability and affordability to be a trade-off on safety. Please, please! For our family, make this bike lane happen!
If safe bicycle infrastructure were introduced to the eastern downtown areas (my home is near Barton/Kenilworth), I would consider using my bike to move around the city. I do not, presently, because quite frankly I am terrified to drive the roads with heavy traffic. I fear for my safety.
I have a business on Cannon Street and would love to ride my bike to work. I don't because the quick moving pace and high volume of traffic make me feel extremely unsafe on my bike. If there was a multi-directional bike lane on Cannon I would ride my bike everywhere in lower Hamilton!
Our Crazy Kitchen Table Party...
Present more ways to say "yes"!
We met with every councillor...
...even the difficult ones
3 Council Meetings
more than 8 HOURS of debate
$1.6M Dollars (Don't get me started...)
One result - unanimous support.
Build on existing community connections...
...and NEVER miss an opportunity to talk about the project!
Key Takeaways:
Want to be seen as an organized force for change? Look and act like one. Fake it till you make it!
Take your message to the public - don't wait for them to come to you. Consultation 1.0 vs Consultation 2.0
Be a positive, results and facts based voice for change, not just a voice for opposition, with decision makers (Advocacy 1.0 vs Advocacy 2.0)

For more info contact justin@sharetheroad.ca
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