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Murder For Her Majesty by Beth Hilgartner

"Alice Tuckfield is an eleven year old fugitive. She witnessed the death of her father at the hands of men posing as agents of Queen Elizabeth." This is an overview of the story.

maddie striegel

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Murder For Her Majesty by Beth Hilgartner

Alice- protagonist; ill-tempered, curious, mature

Geoffery- One of the choir boys; Alice's partner in crime; sneaky and young at heart

Master Kenton- Alice's mentor or piano instructor; a big softy Protagonists A MURDER FOR HER MAJESTY Flashback: Foreshadowing Setting: In the story you find out why Alice is running away by her flashback of when her father was murdered.
When Alice thinks back to her old life you can tell she wishes she had that same security from long ago. The setting takes place in York, England. The time period is in about the 16th century.The story takes place in a cathedral and in classrooms where the choir practices and Alice gets lessons. "Again, she felt overwhelming awe at the sheer size and magnificence of the cathedral. She stood gazing at the lanthorn tower, its square bulk filled with reddish late afternoon light..." (p.27) by: Beth Hilgartner Messages/Theme * Father Dunstan Cooper, Lord Crofton and Sir Rodrick Donne-
-These steathy and cunning three men are driving Alice to the point of no return. Father Cooper has gotten his two henchmen to ruin poor Alice's life by murdering her father and then almost killing her. She struggles with the load of knowing that they killed her dad and are in the process of capturing her.
* Memories and Thoughtsnof a Loved One
-Alice has a nagging, biting memory of her father. She witnessed his murder and is now scarred for life by the scene of his slaughter burned into her mind. Alice is only a little girl but is finding herself in a terribly large plight. A message in the story is keep your friends close but your enimies closer. In the story Alice has to find out who the murderers of her father were and she had to stay close to Master Kenton who she thought was mean and the choir boys also had to follow Father Cooper to see if he's hiding Alice when she's kidnapped. Mood with "QUOTES" ALice Tuckfield- Alice is adventurous, brave, and sneaky.
Alice meets the choir boys and
then stays hidden for numerous days without getting caught by the Dame which
makes her adventurous and sneaky.
She witnessed the death of her own father and basically living on her own therefore
making her brave. The mood in the book varies throughout
the chapters. I think one of them was shock from being left on the street, "Bewildered by the narrow streets of shambles, she wandered aimlessly." pg. 1, to, "Their voices faded as they moved away until at last there was silence. "Let's go Geoffrey breathed." Alice was rooted with fright and couldn't move." pg. 94. Antagonist Tone: suspeseful & Joyus 3rd or 1st? By: Maddie Striegel Kendall Nestoroff Emma Hart Jenna Morejon The author portrays a clear feeling of suspense and some joy through the pages of the novel. There are times in which the character Alice embodies these traits the most out of all the other characters. You are never absolutly sure what she is going to do next whether it be embracing a new friend or lashing out at an enemy. Alice also shows us we can be happy in times of sadness and despair. Being the little girl she is, Alice can see the smallest amount of hope in any situation. character list The book is 3rd person; This means the author uses he/she instead of i/me. This gives the book more depth and tells a more dramatic story in the eyes of the viewer and protayls a higher sense of abandonment. Father Cooper- mastermind behind Alice's dad's murder; devious, evil, selfish

Lord Crofton and Sir Rodrick Donne- Father Cooper's henchman; commited the murder

Catechism- Alice and Geoffrey's mishevious cat Father Cooper- mastermind behind Alice's dad's murder; devious, evil, selfish

Lord Crofton and Sir Rodrick Donne- Father Cooper's henchman; commited the murder

Catechism- Alice and Geoffrey's mishevious cat

Morris- Choir boy; was going to tell about Alice being a girl

Sr Henery Tuckfield- Alice's father

Dame Agnes- owner of the boarding house the
boys stay in

Father Edgar Boyce- Dean of the Catholic

Lady Jenny- takes Alice in at the end of the
book and gets Alice back in school

Master Frost- director of choir In the story when Alice is being disguised as a boy, Geoffrey says that Old Frost won't tell she's new into the choir but he ends up finding out even though the choir boys reassured her he would never as long as she hit the right note.
It is also ironic how catechism the cat interuptted the service after geoffery and Alice specifically told him to stay where he was placed. **Extra Credit** symbolism:
"The music, built gently, growing from sweetness through beauty to the final statement." (p. 109) This quote represents Alice growing as a person through out the story. Her love for music grows and changes as she learns more about what joy and hope it brings her Figuarative Language "You're as wet as a
rat in a rain barrel." (pg.4) is an
example of a simile.

"...I'll make you sorrier than a
horse at the knacker's." (pg.16)
is an example of a metaphor. Plot Chart exposiston: (chap. 1&2)
The story takes place in England during the Elizabethian Era. Alice has witnessed her father's murder and is in search for the men who did it. (Chap. 3&4)
Alice is in the cathedral during the day when she hears voices.
They sound familiar and she is frozen in fear that they are looking for her. Alice realizes for the first time she is truly on her own now. (Chap. 5&6)
This is when Alice is caught by Master frost. He recognizes an unfamiliar face and arranges for Alice to become a real member of the choir. she goes by the name "Alister Tucker" and now has a whole fake backstory to her boy character.
(chap. 7&8)
In this chapter, Alice finds a cat who she names Catechism. He is rambunctious and curious; which leads him to trouble. The cat interrupts an evening service which then ignites the tension between Alice and Father Cooper. Alice was told to never go anywhere alone and the main choir boys were told to make sure she's never alone by Geoffrey. Durring Christmas break some of the boys let Alice walk home alone then she is kidnapped by Father Cooper.
Its also foreshadowing when Alice adn Father Cooper begin to fight because that signals a future falling out. (Chap. 9&10)
This is when Alice is taken to the Dean's chamber and scolded for insulting Father Cooper. She was given a warning; later she meets up with her old music teacher, Master Hunnis, who knows Alice's secret. Master Hunnis and Alice were talking about the situation when Master Frost overhears, shocked and surprised. However, he keeps his mouth shut through the book. (Chap. 11&12)
Alice gives Master Kenton a gift for Christmas. He is so touched by it he doesn't give a clear reaction and Alice fears she has dissappointed him. However, it was Christmas and she decided to have some fun; while it lasted. Climax: (Chap. 13&14)
Alice's father's murders are connected with Father Cooper, and are after her. She is kidnapped and taken to a cathedral tower where she is tied up and left there. The only thing that saved her from death was telling Geoffery about her secret and dropping her mitten. Master Kenton finds the mitten and is later informed of her disappearence. Geofferey tells him about Alice's real life situation and all they can do is try and save her before it is to late. Falling Action: (Chap. 15,16,17&18)
Master Kenton, Geoffery, and Orlando found the mitten Alice had dropped from the cathedral window where she was hidden. When they found her ahe was tied up yet happy to see them all. Father Cooper and one of his henchman escaped out of the country while the third was charged and convicted of murder. Resolution: (Chap. 19&20)
In conclusion, Alice goes to stay with a close friend of her father's.
Lady Jenny treats her like a princess and Alice even gets to stay with
her new friends from the choir school. Life turns out for Alice even
after such hard times. irony Foreshadowing The end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtDF3kEuiDo
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