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Core Values

No description

Marketing Team

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Core Values

East Greenwich High School
Core Learning Values Relevance Respect Creativity
Innovation Be considerate of others' ideas and opinions
and their right to have them. Make connections to today's society and align your own ideas to the topics being taught. Teacher Student Student Student Self Respect Allow for flexibilty and individuality in the explanation and demonstration of content knowledge. Rubric and Individuality Extra-Curriculars Enthusiasm Generate a contagious level of excitement
about a topic. Discussion Participation Personal connections Passion Impress Engage the school community, in addition to teachers and including students, in a dynamic, collaborative, and inclusive process informed by best practices to identify and commit to a set of core values and beliefs about learning. We, the East Greenwich High School community, live our values:

Respect: Be considerate of others' ideas and opinions while maintaining personal integrity and self confidence.

Creativity and Innovation: Embrace flexibility and individuality when explaining and demonstrating knowledge and skills.

Relevance: Link concepts across subjects and make connections to today's global society.

Enthusiasm: Generate a contagious level of excitement about a topic.

Achievement: Generate enthusiasm and curiosity about learning in a challenging and supportive environment.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to these values. In order to be engaged in a lesson I must
be interested in the topic.
In order to be engaged in a lesson a teacher should
use interactive activities.
Getting an education is important to me because
I want to go to college.
I believe that the most important skill I will need in the future is to be able to speak publicly and communicate.
I wish that in all my classes we would
have more discussions. Connections What does it look and sound like? Achievement Work vigorously to obtain knowledge
and skills measured against
the highest standards.
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