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Jacky Lim

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Liberalism

'Liberal' ideas were not prominent in Europe until the sixteenth century
History is often associated with John Locke (recall "life, liberty, and property"
Declaration of Independence (1776) - "All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among these life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"
The concept of Liberalism was spread during the ages of the Enlightenment (18th century)
J.S. Mill - British Political and Social Sciences
The Classic Liberalism approach was more prevalent in the 19th century, aims of early liberals was to limit the power of the government over an individual to promote social freedom
Constitutions and elections were brought in by the 21st century, making liberalism prominent in many countries and has changed from more radical approach to more controlled changes
Changed from Classic Liberalism to Modern Liberalism, moving further right on the political spectrum and fits with 21st century ideas

What is Liberalism?
A philosophy that supports guarantees of individual freedom, political change, and social reform
In Canada, is represented by the Liberal Party, lead by Justin Trudeau
Liberalism promotes freedom, openness, and a tolerant society,equal opportunity for all
Social conditions are the result of individual choices and actions
People are free to do what they want, as long as no one is harmed in the process
Current Day Examples
Examples from History
Post French Revolution
many liberal views at this time which were very beneficial in creating Franco-British relations
many new arts became prominent as people had the freedom of expression
after being oppressed in the past, liberal views seen to be quite radical
Canadian federal liberal leaders in the past include: Wilfred Laurier and Pierre Trudeau
All-Around Freedom
Considered in the left/center of the left/right continuum
People are given rights and freedoms that promote self expression, personal beliefs/opinions, safety

Respects all Members of Society
Welfare for lower classes
Job training for the unemployed
Listens; LGBT supporters, students
Liberalism in the News
World Pride 2014
Liberals took part in this year's celebration of World Pride, and have been supporting LGBTTQ rights for years
In 2004, the Liberals added "sexual orientation" into the hate propaganda section of the Criminal Code of Canada
In 2005, Canada enacted the Civil Marriage Act
Both events occurred when Paul Martin, the previous prime minister with liberally-oriented views, was in office
Shows that liberalism is oriented around and adapts to change accordingly while the society progresses
Apurva Dixit and Jacqueline Lim
Allows Social Change for Growth
Modern Liberalism vs. Classic Liberalism
Classic Liberalism:
Free-market, capitalist approach, economic liberalism, individual responsibility
Freedom from outside restraint (freedom from)

Modern (Welfare) Liberalism:
Personal and social freedom, personal growth, managed economy, concern for the poor, social responsibility
Believe in the welfare state
Providing opportunities (freedom to)
Cons and Solutions
Not enough focus placed on the economic and political aspects
Modern liberalism has greater focus on the welfare of all people and ensuring that they are entitled to their rights
If government only focuses on economic and political growth, have great amounts of control over the population to help this growth (make healthcare privatized in Canada)
Change would mean greater conflict
World needs change and those who are not able to adapt will fall behind
Already occurring with many of the third-world countries, where they are not able to adapt to change, or native/aboriginal groups who refuse to change are slowly diminishing
Liberalism also promotes healthy competition among nations which result in greater technological advancements
Change promotes necessary globalization
Liberalism is a sensible form of government that embraces change and promotes individual freedom
Liberalism is said to have played a major role in driving Canadian politics to what it is today as it has entitled citizens to various freedoms
Consistently host and support an event called 'dying with dignity' to help legalize euthanasia and to help make another option available to the populous
Vermont passed law last year to allow for physician assisted euthanasia
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