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iPhones for Administrators

Delivered at TCEA 2010 Jamey Osborne - osbornej@lpisd.org

Jamey Osborne

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of iPhones for Administrators


Facts and figures
Mail connects to Outlook for almost
instantaneous communications. All
folders are available, including filing.
Stores 3 days of email.
Calendaring is supported with iCal. Respond to invitations or send appointments. Alarms are available
to remind you of upcoming appoint-
ments. Contacts are supported too.
Instantaneous communication
Replaced direct-connect
Some still prefer DC
Notes app
Voice memos
Documenting learning
Recording incidents
In June, 2009, La Porte ISD deployed about
75 iPhones (3G) to its district and campus administrators
We replaced Sprint phones with direct connect (DC) but not everyone got iPhones
Personal use is allowed, except that employees have
the value of the phone and service deducted for tax purposes
Employees leaving the district keep the phone but must return the SIM card
Lack of service inside buildings and in area of weak
cellular signal is a problem
The employee financial burden was a shock
for some
Lack of volume purchasing options
"I love my iPhone. I don’t think that I could go back to using anything else! I am spoiled to having on-the-spot email and calendar availability. I don’t think my husband is thrilled about me constantly checking e-mails, even when I am not at work, but if something comes up that needs to be handled immediately, I am aware of it. (Of course, my husband plans on getting one now.)
I know what I’m going to face coming into work on Monday morning and can get a better feel for how my day will go. I don’t have to fight my teenagers for the 3 other computers we have in the house to do a quick e-mail/calendar check on Sunday night. Although there have been some “bumps” in the road with updates, lack of service in certain parts of the building, and dropped calls, for the most part, I am happy with it. I don’t feel like these are things that I would not be dealing with if I had a different service or phone. It happens!"
I love being able to access and reply to my work emails.
I love being able to use Eduphoria on it.
I actually love it. The best part to me is the ability to do observations and walkthroughs on the device. It saves me so much time in knowing that when I walk out of the classroom, the assessment is completed and even made available for the teacher to view.
"The only negative I have is the inability to quickly access someone. If there is an emergency in the building, I can’t just push a button and talk to [the principal] or the secretary. It takes a little longer to click the phone and then go to favorites and dial who I need to contact."
"I love my iPhone. It is a continuous learning experience between
downloading new apps or just learning what I already had but didn't know how to use."
"The only benefit has been for eduphoria and that has only been when I have reception in my building. Other than that….still prefer the blackberry"
We provide a wireless network primarily oriented
toward mobile devices
We don't manage the devices centrally
Users are responsible for maintenance and backup
I really like the phone and all the apps but for me the
coverage issue is a major roadblock.
Plan for sit-down instruction during initial handout!
Wireless support is critical, particularly inside big buildings
and areas of poor 3G coverage
iPhone Configuration Utility
Customized iTunes deployment
Jamey Osborne
La Porte ISD

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