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Sociology and the Effects

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lucresia rodrigues-mejia

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Sociology and the Effects

By: Reina Melgar, Darice Morales, Julian
Social Roles
Social Norms
In and Out Groups
The Asch Effect
Actor-Observer Discrepancy
This experiment was developed by psychologist
Solomon Asch.
The experiment was conducted by which individuals had to make judgement on which lines where equal to the standard line. The
lines where different that each individual could make distinct observations on which line was equal.
When the observers where introduced into a group. One of the group members made a wrong judgement in which the others observers might have known it was wrong but chose to follow along. This is known as conformity.
Acting accordingly with a groups norms or customs.
- In-Group:
When a group's members identify with the group

- Out-Group: Everyone who is not a member of the in-group
Foot-in-the-Door Effect
It is a
tactic used to get a person to agree to a large request by first convincing them to agree to a small request.

Actor-Observer Discrepany (or bias): The tendancy to attribute one's own behavior to external causes but attributes the behavior of others to internal causes

Actors when talking about our own behaviors but observers when talking about others
The rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a group or society.
-shake hands when you meet someone
-pull over for emergency vehicles
-don't flush the toilet
-be promiscuous
-fart or burp in public
-go at a red light
behavior expected of an individual
who occupies a given social postition or status.
i.e. - A person in the street asks me directions, which I give. They then ask me to walk a little way with them to make sure they don't get lost. In the end, I take them all the way to their destination.
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