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SV IBM Prezi

No description

Monique Elwell

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of SV IBM Prezi

**Mark Harris, VP, Somers
**Tara Sexton, VP, Somers

**Rebecca Reyes, NYC

**Jack Mason, NYC

**Adrienne Sabilia, NYC
-Analyst Relations

**John Mocker, Somers
-Workforce Enablement

**Ed Zuber
-90% comms, 10% HR
-Workforce Enablement
-Calawissa, PA

*Carolyn Baird
-Communications, Strategy Leader, North America
-Also Institute for Business Value
-IBM's think tank


**Christine Kinser, Somers
-Global Leader, Strategic Programs
-does Bridget's Communications


Lisa Lanspery (Head), NYC
-Director, External Relations, incl. media & analyst relations, specialties leading large global teams, storytelling, public affairs & influences programs focused on reputation management, crisis communication, IPOs & tech service/ project launches
Katharyn White, CMO, Washington DC

"globally integrated
delivery capabilities"

-60 k people
-India, Eastern Europe, etc.
-6k manager

-Joanne Collins-Smee
-General Manager, NYC

Human Resources
*Amy Wright
-Head of HR, Philly
(here or in corporate?)
Marketing & Communications
*Mary Garrett
-VP Marketing & Communications
-sales force education

*Giovanni Gigliotti
-VP of Marketing Industry
-marketing programs
Global Sales & Distribution
Bruno Dileo, SVP Sales & Distribution
Global Finance
-$3-$4b assets under management
-own sales force

-Ms. Chris MacLaughlin
-VP, Marketing & Communications
-NYC, was partner at Ogilvy until '96

-John Buckholz, Armank
-Director of Marketing & Strategy

**Chris Bishop, Armank
-Strategic Communications
-support to executives & sales team
-leading adoption of social business tools &
processes across Global Finance
Mark Loughridge
-SVP & CFO of Finance & Enterprise Transformation
-was GM of Global Finance
Linda Sanford
-SVP, Enterprise Transformation
-leads IBM's internal transformation to become globally integrated
Fran O'Sullivan
-runs IBM Supply Chain (Kevin Clark knows her)
-GM, integrated supply chain
Human Resources
J. Randy MacDonald, SVP, HR
Bridget Van Kralingen, CEO of Consulting, SVP, IBM GBS
-responsible for consulting integration application management services
-$20m revenue, 100k+people, 160k

Mike Daniels, SVP& Group Executive of Services, responsible for:
- outsourcing
-consulting & systems integration
-application management
-integrated technology services
-global delivery
(above bullet points constitute more than half of IBM's revenue)
Craig Hayman, GM, Industry Solutions, NV
-(intro through John Brantley)
-leads 4k people- sales, marketing, software development and service (?word)
-responsible for solution portfolio including industry frameworks & offering within those frameworks

Business Analytics
Smarter Commerce
Smarter Cities
Social Business
-2012 revenue- $18b
Rodney Adkins, SVP, IBM Systems & Technology Group
-semi-conductor, server, storage & systems software
-integrated supply chain & global business partners
-sits on IBM's operating team & IBM's technology team
Steven A. Mills, SVP& Group Executive- Software & Systems
Robert LeBlanc, SVP, Middleware Software, IBM Software Group
-including application & integration middleware
-information management
-Rational, Tivoli, (new) IBM Security Systems Division
-chairs IBM's tech team (exec. team sets IBM's tech agenda)
Mike Rhodin, SVP Software Solutions Group (SSG), Armank
-responsible for Smarter Planet Software Solutions
Erich Clement, SVP, IBM Global Technology Services
-IT& business process outsourcing
-integrated technology services
-technical support services
-global delivery
Dr. John E. Kelly III, SVP & Director of IBM Research
-3k scientists & technical employees- 12 labs, 10 countries
-top priorities: stimulate innovation & bring to market
-generated more than 6,000 patents- $1b annually in revenue
-chairman of board of governors & of the IBM Academy of Technology
Katherine Frase, VP, Research (Watson), NYC ?

John Brantley Kubius(?)
Sales & Distribution/ Industry
-resp(?) market development, sales & sales development

** Sarah Diamond, NYC
-Global Managing Partner, Financial Services Sector (Insurance, Financial Markets and Banking)
-biz & tech advisory
-systems integration
-application development

Jill Puleri, NYC, VP, Global Industry Leader- Retail
New Markets
Adam Klaber, GM, New Markets, NYC
-consulting & systems integration

**Paul Papas, NYC-II Madison
-global leader
-manages 2k people
M. Ginni Rometly- CEO
Marketing & Communications & Citizenship

$1.7b-$2b budget
marketing products & services
market development & insights
corporate affairs
IBM brand
-John Iwata, SVP (CMO)- NYC
Ben Edwards, 590 Madison in NYC
-VP, Digital Marketing and Global Communications
-IBM Branded Experience designe & development (including IBM design lab)
-digital services/API development
-enterprise social business strategy & services
-enterprise content strategy & service (including IBM content lab)
-internal workforce communications
external communications (media & analyyst relations)
executive communications
Jacqueline O'Brien
-Operations Director, NYC
-Service Area Leader, CBD
Fred Balbani
- Worldwide BAO Leader, NYC
Kevin Custis, Global Leader, Mobile & Social Business
Application Management Services
Colleen Arnold, SVP, San Diego
-responsible for globally integrated capability model, which includes GBS Global Delivery Strategy, global centers of delivery & centers of competency, solutions asset development centers & other capabilities
-member of IBM's Performance Team of Senior Executives
Strategy & Analytics
Ian Watson, Director of Strategy, Boston
*Jennifer Okimoto
-Associate Partner, Social Business
-Leader, San Fran
(focus: organization & people of social business
**Jen Larson, Consultant
(focus transformation within IBM)
IBM Latin America
**Jesus Mantas, Sao Paulo
Managing Partner, Latin America
IBM Global Business Services
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14
IBM Spain
Richard Hume, General Manager, IBM Europe- Madrid
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14

Vicky Creamer, Vice President, HR Services Delivery, GTS, Armonk
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14
Inhi Cho Suh,Vice President & GM Big Data, Integration, & Governance
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14
Amit Sharma, Bangalore
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14
-can't find what he does
Ed Fung, VP Global Technology Services - Transition and Transformation, Somers
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14
Kieran McGrath,VP of Finance, IBM Software Group, Somers
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14
-responsible for financial planning, forecasting, pricing, cash management, risk management, business controls, and business development (including acquisition and divestiture strategies) for Software Group’s wide portfolio of businesses including the Software Group’s Key Middleware offerings: the WebSphere, Information Management, Tivoli, Lotus and Rational brands. As Finance leader he supports Steve Mills (IBM Senior VP and Group Executive Software & Systems) and reports directly to Mark Loughridge (IBM Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Enterprise Transformation).
Les Rechan, General Manager, Business Analytics, Ottawa
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14

Rodrigo Lima, President / General Manager - IBM Brasil- Sao Paulo
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14

Mahmoud Naghshineh,VP, Services Research, IBM Research, NYC
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14
Mark Ringes
Vice President, Assistant General Counsel at IBM
-one of the executives interviewed for the compilation IBM video on 11/20/14
Sara Cohen, Global Supply Chain, runs Innovation Practice.
-Kicked off a program to crowdsource innovation from the suppliers. She was using IBM Connections, a Lotus Product as the collaboration portal because she doesn’t have a lot of budget. He showed her the CBD video and said. “Can you imagine, crowdsourcing video like this, so that you could then take that forward to the executives, which ones should you fund, and how was that selected”. Then you’ll already have the story selected.
Mike Wing,VP, Strategic and Executive Communications- New York
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