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The Stink of Risk- The Fountain Art Fair New York, NY

Identifying the necessary risk management factors needed for proper event execution by analyzing the The Fountain.

Kathleen Simmons

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of The Stink of Risk- The Fountain Art Fair New York, NY

The Stink of Risk
The Fountain Art Fair
New York, NY Loss Prevention for Health, Safety, Legalities, and Security Communication, Administration, and Marketing Team What is risk? The Possibility of loss, damage, or injury which arise from an uncertainty. What is at risk for The Fountain? Safety of the attendees
Copyright Infringement
The Fountain's reputation
Loss of venue/ cancellation of the event What is The Fountain? An alternative art exhibit
Held during armory week on Pier 66, NYC
to bring attention and art sales to lesser known artists Don't get lost in the backwaters of risk let our professionals guide you through the tunnels of:
and communication
so you can avoid the... Don't get lost in the muck!
Identify the purpose, the audience, and the location. Purpose: To bring attention to alternative art producers and smaller art galleries throughout the New York area. A celebration of Duchamp's avant garde attitude towards art production. Location: The Pier 66
also known as the Frying Pan,
New York City, NY Audience: 6,000-7,000 visitors between the ages of 25-45
20 exhibitors in the show Activities:
March 4: VIP & Press OPening
March 5-7: Open daily to the public
Nighttime entertainment begin at 7:00 p.m. Bands:
ADULT & Depreication Guild
ARtlog Live & MArky Ramone RISK ASSESSMENT:
Location- construction of gallery, Frying Pan Rules, ADA Compliance, EGress routes, parking

Location Construction:
1) due diligence with volunteers constructing gallery
2) assess 2010 blizzard and work hazards
3) enforce construction rules and regulations DUTY TO WARN: all workers have the right to know the hazards associated with the use of various materials or equipment and conditions in the workplace. 2010 Blizzard Workers should be provided with proper tools, equipment, and materials Despite the surprise blizzard- a wood stick is
not an appropriate tool.

Time crunches should not jeapardize safety. Time set back for gallery construction Occupational Hazard-
Law suit waiting to happen.
The Fountain was lucky this time.

NEW RISK PLAN- provide for inclement weather and construction needs. The Location Lay out
-ADA Compliance Gallery Lay Out should comply with ADA standards, including:
Access Aisle. An accessible pedestrian space between elements that provides clearances appropriate for use of the Route.
Accessible Route: A continuous unobstructed path connecting all accessible elements and spaces of a building or facility ADA Pier Requirments Floor plan of venue should be
analyzed for ADA compliance Program Design Location: INappropriate Egress paths Must have a continuous, unobstructed exit travel path,
can promptly exit during an emergency RISK: Only one entrance on and off the pier Exhibit's wayfinding paths are dark and maze like Life Safety Evaluations take into account crowd density,
With over 6,000 attendees coming through - the Frying Pan
needs to revamp it's emergency evacuation and egress paths Risk Assessment: Legal and Contractual Agreements
Intellectual property rights
liability clauses for damage to art contract clarifies that all work submitted by exhibitors is authentic.
Each exhibitor must obtain insurance coverage for damage to or loss of any article at the show due to any reason:
water damage
or transport to the gallery Health RISK: bathrooms only on lower level RISK: only one access to lower level- rusty dark corridor and stairwell can only get to by going down the rusty hull 3 stalls each per men and women's room
299 capacity on frying pan=one toilet per 100 people 10,000 sq. ft In addition:
Must Understand Qualified Intellectual Property
-the definition
- Intellectual Property as a Valued Donation According to the Internal Revenue Service Publication 557:
Qualified intellectual property is any patent, copyright, trademark, trade name, trade secret, software or similar property, or applications. Artworks created in the U.S. on or after January 1, 1978, are automatically protected by copyright from the moment they are fixed in tangible form (on canvas, paper, video or audio tape, hard drive, floppy disk, maquette, and so on). You need not register with the US Copyright Office to secure copyright. Therefore- all works presented at the Fountain
are copyright materials. Even the videos they show. The artwork displayed at the Fountain
may be considered a charitable donation.
Therefore, according to the IRS Publication 557,
the galleries are eligible for a charitable deduction
in taxes. The appropriate documentation should be provided for proof to the IRS. RISKASSESSMENT- Security:
What will be provided during the day?
What will be provided overnight?
staff provided by the Frying pan
Also, artists are responsible for their works.
need extra security for music performances Though there has been no history of theft
at Fountain Art Fair reported through the numerous art blogs online, serious consideration
should be taken. The nature of the Fountain
Art Fair and its musical performances
should also be analyzed.
Sufficient security should be brought in for crowd control. noise levels should be considered due to NyC law enforcement reasons...
The Frying Pan is located in the manufacturing district of NYC,
permitting louder noise levels. COMMUNICATION: Administration Marketing Clarkson Principles of Stakeholder Management:
A firm shapes its strategy around certain moral obligations to its stakeholders. Risk Assessment: Cancellation of venue Parking:
Please note that parking and drop off of passengers in the Hudson River Park is PROHIBITED
the closest Parking Garage is in The Chelsea Piers Sporting Complex
All printed material, such as invitations, flyers or advertisements must contain the following: 
"Vehicle access or taxi drop off is prohibited in the Hudson River Park, where Frying Pan is located. "

Failure to follow the request can result in cancellation of your booking. Frying Pan also requires that: Frying Pan Rules
-Parking regulation
-Hours of Operation Alternative Transportation:
Take M23 crosstown bus west
Take the bike-way in the Hudson River Park to Pier 66a
By taxi, you can only be dropped off on the NORTHBOUND SIDE of the Westside Highway at West 26th Street. Frying Pan Rules:
All events hosted there must end at 12 a.m.
Program Design has to take operating hours into account.
All muscial performances must end prompltly at midnight Frying Pan Provisions:

Rental of the ship includes:
•Sound System
•Coat Check (in Season)
The Frying Pan supplies a full array of sound equipment, They require that band's should bring their own microphones, sound board equipment, instrument amps, and complete independent system that will plug into our equipment This should be coordinated with musical guests. - ADULT, Depreciation Guild, ARtLog Live, and MArky Ramone Assessment of Risks:
1) location- construction, ADA, regulations, and emergency preparedness
2) legal contracts- follow Frying Pan regulations, exhibitors understand terms of agreement,
3) intellectual property rights- protection and donation qualification
4) security- elements needed for different activities Risk managment will allow you to
tunnel your way through the heaps of risk
and create a protective communication system, design plan, and administration structure. Will hold your event and administration together Risk: Poor communication will make The Fountain fall apart Fountain Stakeholders:
The artists and art galleries
The art viewers and buyers
Museum of Arts and Design To be sure the stakeholders are informed and communicate with the Fountain effectively, a theory should be adhered to: Stakeholders: Artists and art galleries Moral obligation:
Working to galvanize support for
the small independent avant-garde
galleries and associations Each gallery involved in previous years not
only sold sev­eral art­works but also built
rela­tion­ships with col­lec­tors who
con­tinue to buy from them. Communicate:
1) exhibitor tags for identification
2) terms of agreement allow freedom of pricing
3) floorplan & location to exhibitors so they can develop exhibit design Fountain continually works with the same galleries to
promote independent works and support smaller galleries stakeholders: customers and attendees moral obligation:
Fountain has earned its reputation as the go-to
venue for discovering innovative art while enjoying
live music entertainment and performance art during
Armory Week, NYC

The Fountain Art Exhibit is growing in numbers
and sponsorships due to their delivery of profound
independent art and exciting entertainment. The result:
nearly 8,000 people attended their Miami exhibition Dec. 2-5, 2010. stakeholders: Museum of Art and DEsign moral obligation:
support innovative art forms Commincation with this stakeholder is key. All VIP entrance fees will go towards the Museum of Art and Design. The Museum of ARt and Design should not overshadow the work of the Fountain The Fountain's website is the key portal for
communication. It provides communication tools for art galleries, artists, attendees, and the associated charitable organizations. Establish lines of authority: who is in charge, responsible for what aspect, how they all relate to one another Risk: Poor administration, can lead to poor communication communication portal: Fountain Website
Includes Founders of the Fountain & key contacts
Assistant Producers
Graphic Design
Construction Most of the Fountain Art Exhibit is run by volunteers: make sure that those who are inexperienced are not placed in jobs that need special skills or training and they have not met those qualifications. Example: Constructin of 800 feet of free standing wall space for gallery, mostly done by volunteers. Construction manager- Erik Hokenson should be clearly identified and endowed with authority volunteers should be provided with a packet
that covers overview, policies, procedures, job descriptions, production schedule, logistical mapping,
signed waiver of liability, emergency/safety protocol. Head of volunteers: Rachel Esterday.
She posted ads for volunteers on craigslists.
This should be done with extreme precaution A Communication system should be monitored between all administrative factors to reduce risk from uneducated volunteers or unauthorized decisions. The line of authority should also be visibly and clearly communicated in order to efficiently make decisions. Risks:
media coverage The Fountain relies on several sponosors for financial support.
Proper management of these companies is needed to avoid the r
risk possibility of non-coinciding sponsors or sponsor overshadow Smartwater Prometheus tea The onion Commercial sponsors HOWEVER- events should be diligent about trademarking and protecting the event’s brand and logo imagery most of these commercial sponsors provide
not only financial support, but in-kind support too
in the form of beverages, food, and media coverage Commerical sponsors are there for support and to gain contact with their target audience but they should never overshadow the event The Fountain ARt Fair has gained recognition
as an art exhibition off the beaten path. So is true
of their media coverage, which comes with it several risks:
Risk : media relations
Poor media coverage
Or not enough media coverage. REduce poor media coverage by creating a head media spokesperson.
Implement in administration plan. most Fountain media coverage comes from
art blogs and web sites. Incorporate Fountain Logo and information for associated art galleries to post on their web sites.
MAKE SURE FRYING PAN REGULATIONS ARE FOLLOWED Press kits avialable on The Fountain's website to display complimentary media coverage and creates strong relationships with other medai outlets The Fountain's avant garde culture & ideals
should not transfer over to their risk management plan. The back alley and scrappy atmosphere can all be brought to life under a tight and organized risk management plan. Take all components of the tunnels of risk: location, legality, health, emergency plans, communication, administration, and marketing and apply them to systematic program design.
Preventing the The Fountain ship from sinking. The Fountain's Avant Garde Objectives Clear Administrative System Communication Established Solicit and Locate Venue- The Frying Pan Hazard Mapping
Floor Plan Creation
with Emergency Plans Incorporated Solicit Exhibit Space, Media, and Sponsors
All In line with Fountain's Goals and Objectives
Communicate Objective, Goals, Timeline and Venue/Booth Space Floor Plan and Construction Design ADA
Fire Hazards
Noise Regulations
Parking and Transportation
Construction Needs Security Needs
Lighting and Sound
Signage for Evacuation Plans Execution- Monitor Safety Thresholds Put in Place from Plan Keep Communication Lines open
Between Admin, Volunteers, Sponsors
Media, and Stakeholders Construction: Administration Hierarchy
Volunteer Education, Timeline Management If these risk precautions -starting in the stink of risk unknowns,
are identified in the rubble, and then channeled through a network of
designed, calculated, acknowledged, documented, and understood plans,
--THEN... The Fountain Can come to life And are free to be the freaks they wish to be.
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