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The Pros and Cons of zoos

Zoos good or bad?

Sofia Comeau Gort

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of The Pros and Cons of zoos

Sofia C.G. The Pros and Cons of Zoos In some zoos animals are kept in a variety of different settings and habitats. Some animals, such as elephants and tigers, live in large zoo areas that contain many features that their natural habitat contain. For example, some zoos have created special floors, such as sand or grass instead of pavement. Many zoo animals are endangered in the wild and zoos can help protect them. In zoos animals can be protected from dangers, such as poachers who kill elephants for their tusks, Panda bears whose main food source is bamboo that people take to make items they can sell, or birds and other animals that live in rain forests, which are being destroyed by people who want to use the land for other purposes. Recently zoos have successfully reintroduced a handful Golden Lions back into the wild in Brazil. Zoos can also help educate people about the needs of animals and how we can protect them. Also, scientists can study animals more easily in a zoo than having to travel all over the world to get information. These studies can help improve the zoo conditions and natural habitats. Pros
Zoos reintroduce animals back into the wild But... Cons
Kept in captivity PROS
Improved enclosures Cons One study showed that elephants that live in the wild live longer than elephants that live in zoos. Animals have also escaped their enclosures, which can endanger them as well as zoo visitors. It is hard to tell if the animals are happy or sad, and in some zoos the animals are mistreated. Polar bears have been kept in warm environments. Recently I saw a TV program -- The Fifth Estate "The Elephant in the Room" -- on elephants in zoos that showed how some were lonely and sad, got tuberculosis and suffered more foot injuries. Some died because the winters were too cold . I also read articles about how animals in small cages or enclosures might not be able to grow properly. Lastly, and importantly, animals raised in captivity often cannot go back to the wild to live in their natural habitats if they get the chance because they have lost their natural instincts. Conclusion In conclusion, Zoos can be both good and bad. Some need to improve the way they treat animals in their care. Other zoos, such as the London Zoo in England, focus more on conservation and reintroducing animals to the wild than the entertainment part of a zoo. Others are great because they stop animals from becoming extinct, and they provide a danger-free environment and better life for the animals. These kinds of zoos help teach us about animals and their environment. A sad Tiger The End A happy elephant reintroduced to the wild PROS
Zoos can protect endangered animals Sadly, too often, animals in zoos are kept in cages and too many share one enclosure, which makes it crowded and overpopulated. The animals can also get bored easily. Removing endangered animals from their habitat can also make it difficult for the animals left behind to find a mate. Also, zoos can teach children that imprisoning animals is okay. :( Introduction How many of you have been to zoos?Do you like them? Zoos have both pros and cons. Many zoos do good things, like providing regular meals, safe environments and they can help educate people about animals. Some zoos reintroduce animals back to the wild. Unfortunately, animals in other zoos are not treated well. Let's explore some of the pros and cons of zoos. Dangers of zoo living
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