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Victorian Era: Etiquette and Manners

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Gabby F.

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Victorian Era: Etiquette and Manners

Victorian Era: Etiquette and Manners
In order to meet the standards for being a Victorian gentlemen, you had to follow these rules for etiquette.
Etiquette for Children
To meet the expectations of ideal Victorian children, children had to follow a specific set of rules.
Etiquette and Manners
In the Victorian Era, manners and etiquette were very important in society.
Etiquette for Women
In order to be considered a lady in Victorian times, you had to be of middle or of upper class and follow a specific set of rules and guidelines.
Ballroom Etiquette
Always walk AROUND a lady's train and never step on it.
Dance frequently with different ladies.
A gentlemen should never leave a lady unescorted.
Loud talking and laughter is frowned upon.
Appearance Etiquette
At a ball, a gentleman must wear a dress coat, pants that match, a top hat, and a vest.
Always be well groomed in appearance.
Can not be seen outdoors without a hat.
To walk in fog, Victorian gentlemen must wear a stylish overcoat.
Ballroom Etiquette
a lady should look graceful and becoming during a dance
a lady should never be unattended during a ball
ladies should avoid too much chatter or whispering during a ball
a lady should politely decline any offer of a dance with a gentleman she is not acquainted with
Appearance Etiquette
a lady's hair should always be pinned up
a lady's skirt should be a certain length
a lady will always wear a hat and gloves outside
hair is only washed occasionally
a lady should have correct posture
Social Etiquette
look the person in the eyes as you speak to them; under no circumstances should one wink or communicate with glances
use the titles Miss and Mr. respectively
a lady should be frank and cordial with her lady friends and never gush
a lady should not ask a gentleman to walk with her; it should be the reverse
gestures are for public speaking and do not point elsewhere, as a rule
Basic Etiquette
rising to one's feet when being introduced or when someone enters a room
ladies do a little curtsey to greet someone and men greet with a bow
never turn your back on someone if they are talking or requiring your attention; you have to ask permission
if your opinions are unflattering to one, don't state them. Instead, say the opposite.
Etiquette for Men
Social Etiquette
A Victorian gentleman must be able to defend himself and his lady from ruffians.
Not allowed to wear too much perfume, in fear of polluting the air.
A gentleman must not dress sloppily, nor carry a poodle.
Basic Etiquette
Keep your clothes pressed and brushed.
Never go to sleep without bidding family members goodnight.
Talk in a low even voice.
Never interrupt a conversation.
Do as you're told in a pleasant and willing way.
Never whine or frown when speaking to elders.
Never contradict people.
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Fun Facts
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