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Business Presentations in Prezi

Here are some examples of a few tools you can incorporate into Prezi that are applicable to business presentations (Cost Benefit Analysis, Stakeholder Model, SWOT Analysis, Timeline, and Stock Comparison). Feel free to use this Prezi as a template.

Kevin Lenau

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Business Presentations in Prezi

qwerqwerqwer qwerqwerqwer Artie Mary Sandy Susan Situation Analysis Objectives Strategy Implementation Plan Cost Benefit Analysis
The Conclusion Situation analysis Keeping our disabled employees “fully and productively employed”.
A Strong social mission allows for higher prices
Mission First
Employees always Situation Analysis Limited Resources net revenue '07 = $3.8 million
After COGS and D/L - $1.3 million
overhead $2m/year $700,000 Loss Situation Analysis Competitive Pressure workers are paid $12/hr
Distributers seek lowest costs.
Lowering our prices is not an option! Situation Analysis Opportunities 89% of all households in America donate
most common reason for donation is a direct connection to a cause.
10% of Employ+Ability's revenue from donations
average non-profit revenue = 19.9% MAIN GOAL:
To employ 5 more people
(increase our disabled workforce by 12%) by June of 2009 (Middle of Year 2) Objectives We need 200,000 for the first year and a half (150,000 sales, 50,000 charity) $200,000 for the second year (150,000/50,000)
Increase revenue by $200,000 by the end of the second year Sales Contributions
Strategy - Sales
Strategy - Sales Partnership with Life is Good Place a Work is Good P.O.P. display in stores Sell Work is Good branded first-aid kits 90 Life is Good stores
60 retails stores the distribute Life is Good products
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