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The Freedom Writers

No description

Laurence Giguère

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of The Freedom Writers

Erin's Learner Profiles
Open-Minded: Even if the students are from different ethnics,
Risk-Taker: She wears a pearl necklace all through the movie even if Margaret told her it was going being stolen by the students.
Principled: Think 203 deserves to be treated the same as the white students.
The Holocaust
A simple game created by Erin:
Make understand the students that there's other of their classmates who have lived same things as them. But also, make Erin realize the conditions her students are living in.
The Line Game
A little resume...
This movie is based on a true story. Erin, a teacher, arrives in a new school to teach in a special program with students of different ethnics. She truly believes that her students deserve a place in the school, even if the majority of the teachers don't think the same. All through the story, she'll try to help the kids, make them feel secure and make them understand that she really believe in them and better conditions for them in the future.
I think all the story can be attached to her, because she has give her like to 203. It's crazy, she had
3 jobs
to pay diaries, new books and the trip at the at The Holocaust Museum. Even if the students don't collaborate, she'll do many changes in the class and the student's habits.
203's teacher: Erin
The reading of the book was a real good idea. That gave an occasion to 203 to identify their life and thoughts into the diary of a young girl who lived while The Holocaust. Even if the story is written 50 years before them, they could truly understand her feelings.
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Freedom Writers
An horrible moment of history. While the World War II the Nazis killed, tortured, persecuted and made slaves of the Jews, Romes, homosexuals and others ethnics. Hitler, the principal Nazi leader, became the Chancellor of Germany and began the extermination. He established Death and Concentration Camps. Those awful places were where the forced-work was done.
Of course some Germans tried to saves Jews from the Camps. One of them, called Oskar Schindler, saved 1200 jews from concentration camps. There is a book from Thomas Keneally and movie directed by Steven Speilberg inspired by his life.
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