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Cover Letter, Innovate clever

During this presentation You will become more familiar with my personality and motivation for the career choice .

Elena Fomenko

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Cover Letter, Innovate clever

Cover Letter
Was born in amazingly beautiful place

Studied in one of the best lyceums in
Russia (with major in physics and math)

Finished musical school (piano)
Studied at Petersburg State Transport University
St. Petersburg
Received Diploma with a Honours
in industrial engineering

Head of the research group (in the field of risk management in construction)

Participated in the new IT system implementation (SAP) project in Russian Railways
Gained good organizational, team working and leadership skills
Realized importance of new technologies and innovations, difficulties in implementation of them and lack of qualified human resources
Working experience in Russia
Part-time job at Russian Railways, the administration of track repair as an assistant of the planning specialist
Full-time position at Allianz Russia, insurance company, corporate sales department (construction risks) as an sales manager
Gained knowledge in the area of investment projects evaluation, significantly improve personal communication skills
Gained experiences in business development and risks evaluation
During the university in Russia
Master "Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship"
at TU Berlin and TU Twente

disruptive business modeling for smart grids with Siemens Consulting;

intellectual property management for Bosh;

technology foresight with scenario analysis for the biotech venture from Fraunhofer institute;

developed the business plan for the energy efficiency agency die Energiesparschweine and presented it to the investors.

Why to choose me?
I can offer:

strong analytical and numerical skills;

high level or responsibility and independence;

entrepreneurial mind and energetic personality,
strong communication and presenter skills;

experience in market analysis, business evaluation and development;

experience running accelerator program and understanding of start-up world;

up-to-date theoretical knowledge regarding entrepreneurship, corporate incubation/ acceleration, business model evaluation;

and others;

international background is a big plus for the position;

creativity and motivation!

Hopefully to innovate with YOUR

Thank You for Your attention!
Elena Fomenko
Innovate clever
During the courses at Technical University of Berlin performed:
advanced technology business modeling for smart-homes technologies;

business development for the new-generation marketing firm;

financial analysis and HR management;

supply chain management and innovation.
During the courses at Technical University of Twente performed:
Master thesis topic
Internship at Bombardier Transportation
corporate strategy department
Gained experiences in:
Lack of the entrepreneurial resources and resistance to change are the main weaknesses for the big corporation.

Novel efficient tool to overcome this challenges is corporate business incubation/ acceleration.
Master thesis in the field of corporate business incubation/ acceleration
Internship at business accelerator for the hardware start-ups, Hardware.co @ betahaus
Business incubation/ acceleration is one of the most successful instruments for the innovative development of the world economy.

I believe, that development and support of new ventures it is what I am exactly wiling to do in the future!
I know where I'm going
I know what I'm willing to do

Fascinating internship at an corporate incubator it is what I'm exactly looking for
Looking forward to hearing from You soon
Understood the personal need for a better professional qualification to be able create smth really valuable
experiences working with new ventures; understanding of the critical start-up’s needs;
have a good overview of Berlin’s start-up scene; vast network.
market share/volume, competitor analysis;
preparing presentations for the board of directors, for the annual report and other relevant;
scenario analysis for the strategy planning;
merge & acquisition analysis;
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