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Report and Its Types. Difference Between formal and informal report. Prefatory Parts and Letter Transmittal

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Fahad Ahmed

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Report and Its Types. Difference Between formal and informal report. Prefatory Parts and Letter Transmittal

Formal Report.
How it differs from informal report.
Prefatory parts.
Letter Of transmittal.

Report & Its Types
Difference between Informal and Formal Report
Prefatory Parts
The Cover
Title Fly
The Title Page
Letter Of Authorization
Letter Of Acceptance
Letter Of Transmittal
Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Executive Summary
Letter Of Transmittal
Prepared By
Hafiz Fahad Ahmed
Imran Victor
Durreshahwar Jawaid
Salima Damani
Abdul Samad
•Complete and Compact Document
•Systematic Presentation of Facts
•Prepared in Writing
•Provides Information and Guidance
•Self-explanatory Document
•Acts as a Tool of Internal Communication
•Acts as Permanent Record

Formal Report:
Formal Report is the term used for a groups of documents that informed, analyzed or recommend.

Types Formal Report

Informational report Analytical Report Recommendation report
Informal Report:
Informal report is more condensed than formal but it is just as important. The writing style and audience for the short report are the same as the formal report
• It introduces the document to reader such as report.
• It informs readers of a report's context.
• It is not as formal as report itself.
• It gives highlights of the report
• It just gives the insight of the report not the information given in the report.
• It can share confidential or sensitive information not included in the accompanying document.
• It is not included in report’s table of content.
• It is not bind with the report but kept on the top.

Informal Report
Often Internal
Usually Short Several Sections
Appears As Subject line in Memo Heading
Content Page is not required
Formal Report
Often External or Distant within organization
Usually Long Sections and Sub Sections
More Impersonal
Appears on Separate Title Page
Content page is useful if report is over 5 pages

Street Address
City, State ZIP
Month Date, Year

Name of recipient
Street Address
City, State ZIP
Dear Dr. Name:

Why was the report written?
When was it assigned?
What is its title and additional identifying information?

What is the scope of the report?
Its purpose? Limitations?
What are your conclusions? Recommendations?
(The letter of transmittal is the appropriate place to discuss
matters of concern that need to be raised but not circulated
with the report.)

What action or input is requested?

Your Signature

Your typed name
Your title

Encl. [List any enclosures]

Types of Informal Report
Informational Report Progress Report Verification report
Feasibility Report Minutes of the meeting Summaries

Letter Of Transmittal
The End
What is Report?

Report is a self-explanatory statements of facts relating to a specific subject and serves the purpose of providing information for decision making
Prefatory describes something that serves as a beginning or introduction to Speech, Book, report etc
What is Prefatory
Prefatory Parts
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