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No description

Penny Ji

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of APS P.J

-- Irony & Farce
Absurd Person Singular
Verbal Irony
Situational Irony
expected result vs. actual results
(in a certain situation)
Dramatic Irony
the readers understand more than the characters about a conflict in the story
It is a rhetorical device and literary technique that reveals a discrepancy between what appears to be and what is actually true.
Penny Ji
Classified into different categories:
1) Verbal
2) Dramatic
3) Situational
What is said vs. What is meant
Two households, both alike in dignity
-- Romeo and Juliet
Cosmic Irony
a higher power such as fate, destiny, universe or a god controls and toys with characters' lives

eg: Joe couldn't believe that all his girlfriends left him for another woman.
Historical irony
world's future saw by historical figures vs.
what actually happens.
A comedy that aims at entertaining the audience through highly exaggerated situations.

- highly incomprehensible plot-wise

- characterized by physical humor

- often set in one particular location, where all events occur
eg: The Gift of the Magi
- Three couples
(Hopcroft, Jakson,Brewster-Wright)

- Kitchen
(Potter, George)

- Christmas

“The really interesting things, the things people want to say to each other in private were said in here by the sink. Besides, given that the other room contained Dick and Lottie Potter, it seemed an audience would only thank me for keeping us all out here, away from his jokes.”
Alan Ayckbourn
Sidney. (Ironic.) Oh, if you're looking for a little job...
Who is he talking about?
What was he/she doing?
Which irony it is?
Why it is irony?
Downstage Left of working counter reading:) Shake can before use. ( He does so. Reading:) Remove cap. (He does so. Reading:) Hold away from body and spray into air by pressing button
The spray hisses out over his shirt front.
Act 1 P 8
One a jolly hearty male voice and one a jolly hearty female voice .
Who are they?
We have the good fortune never to meet in person but quite frequently hear whenever the door to the kitchen is open
Both have loud, braying, distinctive laughs.
Act 1 P 10
Verbal Irony
What do you think?
Verbal Irony

Situational Irony
Well , it's wet enough outside there.
I didn't expect to get wet inside as well
Act 1 P 14
Verbal Irony
Isn't this gorgeous?
Isn't this enchanting.
Isn't this splendid.

Who said that?
Which irony it is?
Why is this irony?
Are there any other phrases he/she said show this irony in this situation? (Find 5)
Verbal Irony

What a simply dishy kitchen.
You must have a gorgeous view from that window, I imagine.
It must be stunning
How extraordinary.
They are so easy to open and shut.
Oh, lovely deep drawer.
How thrilling.
What a marvelous Christmas present.
Have you seen this extraordinary machine?
What a poignant smell. It's almost too good to waste on flies, isn't it.
gorgeous cologne
How on earth did you squeeze that machine so perfectly under the shelf? Did you try them for size or were you terribly lucky?
Those curtains are really the most insistent color I've ever seen.
Act 1 P 15-19
Make our excuses quite shortly, please

Well, I honestly don't think I can sit through many more of his jokes.

And I've never had quite such a small gin in my life. Completely drowned.
Act 1 P 20
Class Change !
an ambitious tradesman,
hopes to persuade the others to invest in his
business in last Christmas
He felt the party was successful even though Jane has been locked out of the kitchen in the pouring rain until the end of the party
"Pass the Parcel" game

, has to court
them to keep their business
desperately needs them to employ him as an architect to keep his career alive.

, couldn't even say Sydney's last name
get a new commission for a
shopping centre from R's help
The roof of Geoffrey’s shopping centre has collapsed
His fortunes have fallen
attempted to commit suicide
helps Geoffrey on his work
Their marriage was on the rocks.
Their relationship became better.
Situational Irony
scrubs the oven

helps with the plumbing – getting

takes over to change the light-bulb -- electrocuting himself in the process.
gas herself
hang herself
Dramatic Irony !
Audience know but the characters don't know
Let's find examples!
finally gets his wish for party games and makes everyone dance to his tone
Thank you for your attention!
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Act 1 P7
Game Time!
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