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Demo Ireland

Demo System

Rafael del Hoyo

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Demo Ireland

Demo GENESISX Mid Term Review – Dublin
29 April 2010
Rafael del Hoyo
ITA – Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón
Task 4.6 Advanced Evaluation Services(November M9-M16) Demo from ... Objective Designed Architecture Central visualization System, this element could be based on one existing monitoring system. In the GenesisX project will be studied several open source systems in order to include one of them in the final architecture.
Extraction data Agents from IMS, Network and Application servers, these probes send raw statistics information to advanced probes
Monitored elements: serversApplication servers, IMS core and network elements, these elements are the GenesisX subsystems.
Demo Scenario Advanced Probes, these elements are in charge of sending advanced alerts, detecting anomalies, and pre-processing information. The information generated in these probes is forwarded to the central visualization system using an standard protocol Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
Advanced Probe
Architecture What we want to do? Research in new technologies related to Artificial intelligent for monitoring GenesisX platform IMS, services etc.. Why Rules? Rules Examples Thanks!!! RUNNING The aim is to develop a intelligent monitoring probe based on a hybrid rule engine (fuzzy and crisp).

Generate Complex Indicators
Detect anomalies
Recognition of User Patterns
Send Alarms
Work with uncertainly
Work with natural Language (fuzzy)
Extract information from GenesisX services.
Standard with other monitoring systems

Rules are easy to generate by one expert
Fuzzy rules can expressed in human language
You can preprocess information, generate new indicators or information classification as complex as you want


When Video router capacity available is low and number of videoconferences running is high THEN QoS is LOW

When number of users online is higher than average of last month THEN occupancy is HIGH


IF Maria is always online without QoS and occupancy “high” THEN send ALARM

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