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Football Skills, techniques and tactics

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Balazs Schneider

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Football Skills, techniques and tactics

Shooting is a main kicking skill used by strikers to score. There are many ways to shoot the ball. You can shoot with the instep, with the inside of the foot, the outside and toe. You can curve or chip the ball to make harder to save it. The two basic shoots are power or placement, up to the shooting situation. Aim to drive the ball low with the instep of your foot. To increase power, bring the kicking leg through quickly. Try to keep shots low and aim for the corners, this makes harder to save. Chip shoot when you try to kick the ball over the keeper which is good when the keeper is not standing on the goal line. Use curve shoot when you are on the bad angle to shoot straight.
There are 11 positions in a team and some positions need different positioning like a defender doesn't move like a striker.
Center Defender: CB's job is to stop the striker to score, and to bring the ball outside from the penalty area. A center back must be strong, fearless and good timing tackles.
Wingers: They play at sides of the pitch. Is an attacking player. The wingers main skills are: speed, excellent dribbling skills, which helps them to take over the opponent's defenders.
Striker(s): This is the closest position to the opponent's goal. A striker must have a good receive control of the ball and capable to win ball in the air.
Football Skills, techniques and tactics
Balazs Schneider
Passing: short ball, long ball
Tackle: standing, sliding
Short ball
: Pass is when your give the ball to your team mate by kicking the ball. To achieve accurate short pass is to use the inside of your foot, this gives better control.
Bend your standing foot's knee to get the right passing position. Bring your kicking foot through and kick the middle of the ball with the inside of your foot. For increase power and accuracy of your pass, follow through with the kicking leg.
Long Ball
: This pass is used for a long range to find a team mate in space.
If you can play your teammate in space, he can move forward with ball and may have a shoot, can have a counter attack much faster than if you pass the ball all around the ground. Use the top of your foot for long pass to product more power and more distance. Kick the ball hard with inside your foot which gives some curve to your pass, or kick with laying instep for longer ball
The ability to head the ball is a vital skill to have. The forehead is the safest and most affective part of the head to use. Get yourself into the best position and get the timing of your headers right. It's hard to train your heading skills because it doesn't provide realistic practice like the lofted pass. In a defensive area, the aim is to head the ball as high and as far away from your goal as possible. It is better to head the ball out to either side of the goal, rather than into area directly in front of the goal (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/skills/4188936.stm).
Standing tackle
: Is the main skill to get the ball away from the opponent's striker and gain possession. To tackle well you need to focus on the ball and tackle strong and well timed. Be aggressive and don't be scared to contact with the striker. This is very effective when you are face-to-face against your opponent.
Sliding tackle
: is when you leave your feet and slide along the ground with one leg ( with two legs it's not legal) extended to push or get the ball from the striker. The sliding tackle is cover larger area of the ground. But there is more chance to occur injury if you hit leg first. If you failed to tackle, there are a high chance to get a yellow card and give chance to take free kick in a good position, so use it as last resort if you are not sure about you will get the ball.
There are many various tactics effective in football.
Counter Attack
: Today's football, the best counter attacker team is Real Madrid, they have fast and good passer players to play in this tactic. This tactic used for long runs (box to box). This tactic is the best when the opponent has more possession. When your team is defending, when the defenders get the ball from the opponent they try to give a long ball to the wingers or striker while the other team's defenders are in our half.
Offside Trap
: is a defensive tactic against fast players when the zone defending doesn't work. Offside is when the striker is behind the last man when he gets a pass. It is a manoeuvre in which players in the defending team push up field in order to put one or more opposing players into an offside position.
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