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The Westing game

No description

Laura Cody

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of The Westing game

Exciting, Suspenseful, Fast paced, Incredible, Mind-blowing
I recommend this book for those who like mysteries that is 11 and up. Just overall it's a good book for anyone in general.
"Definitely recommend for kids who love to read!"- Lynna Iverson

"The Westing Game is wonderful-part mystery story, part play-along game, part do-it-yourself puzzle. "-Gene Shalit, NBC The Today Show

"A supersharp mystery... confoundingly clever, and very funny."-Booklist, starred reviews
The Westing Game
By Ellen Raskin Prezi By Carl Blome
Turtle took a dare to go into the spooky Westing House after she heard a story about Mr. Westings dead body laying on a oriental rug.
At the funeral they read his will. After they heard it they thought he was insane.
He had sixteen heirs that were trying to figure out who murdered him for a 200million dollar prize.
Turtle Wexler
Angela Wexler
Mrs.Wexler or Grace Wexler
Jake Wexler
Berthe Erica Crow
Otis Amber
Samule W. Westing
Sandy McSouthers
Doug Hoo
Madame Hoo
James Shin Hoo
Sydele Pulaski
Dr.Denton Deere
Mr. and Mrs. Theoderakis
Theo Theoderakis
Chris Theoderakis
Judge Josie-Jo Ford
They got paired up, and got clues to help them figure out who is the answer and who killed Westing.
The heirs aren't all who they say they are. One's a bomber, one's Mr. Westing, and one's his wife who's who, and heirs beware.
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