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The Breadwinner

No description

Hannah Surinak

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Paravana did chores and father tells the story of Malali.
Then Taliban burst into the room and take father.
Chapter 3
Nooria , mother and Paravana cleaned up and tried to sleep, but they could not. Then mother and Paravana went to try to get father but faild.
Chapter 4
Mother and Paravana reaturnd from the prison and mother lied in a corner .
Paravana's feet bled and so did mothers.
4 days later mother was still lying in the corner.
Nooria announced there was no more food and she tried to get Paravana to go to the market.
Chapter 5
Paravana went to the market and bought some nan and then got caught by a Taliban
and she got wiped .
On her way home she ran into her old gym
teacher Mrs.Weera who demanded
Paravana to take her to her home.
Chapter 6
Paravana's mother and Mrs.Weera dressed her up as a boy so that she could go and do fathers job in the market without getting caught by the Taliban.
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Paravana takes her siblings outside for an hour or so everyday so that they can play and
get some fresh air.
Paravana has a new friend, a women in the window above her blanket in the market.
In the market she sees a tea boy fall over
and spill his tea.
Paravana helps the tea boy pick up is tea
and she sees his face.
Paravana gasped, it was a girl from her class.
Chapter 9
Paravana and her friend from her class, Shezie meet every day at Paravanas blanket and walk home after work.
Mrs.Weera wants to start a secret school
for girls.
Chapter 10
Paravana and Shazie dig up human bones for money all day and they find 5 sculls and sell them to the man who collects them to sell somewhere else.
Chapter 11
Paravana and Shazie
go to a huge stadium and try to sell their cigarets, gum, and dried friut and nuts.
But it turned out to be a stadium where thieves get their arms cut off...or their HEADS!!!!!!!!
Chapter 12
Shuzie and Paravana
sell stuff at the bus depo.
The women in the window drops gifts.
Paravana hears her friend in the window getting beat up by a man she also hears crying and yelling coming from the window.
when she gets home she hears the most shocking news her sister is getting married.
Chapter 13
Nooria, mother, Ali and Meryom
accompanied a man and a women on a ride to Nooria`s wedding.
Paravana stays with Mrs.Weera and her grandson in Kabul.
Paravana hides in a building to get out of the rain and falls a sleep.
When she awoke she heard crying.
The crying was coming from a girl with no burka.
She took the girl back to her house.

Paravana got the girl to Mrs.Weeraand found out her story.
The place Nooria went was now ruled by the Taliban .
the girls name is Homa.
Paravana went to work.
When she came back she saw her father with the help of two men walking up the stairs to her home.

Chapter 15
Paravana`s father rested and got a bit better .
they all have high hopes about if Paravana mother is still alive.
They choose to go get them.
Mrs.Weera , Homa and her grandson will go to Packistan and Paravana and her father will go to mother , Ali , Myreom and Nooria.
Shazie will go with MrsWeera.
She is going to France.
Shazie says to Paravana the next time we meet will be on top of the Effel Tower.
Paravana leaves.
Paravana sits in the market with her father,considers her family's history and that of Afghanistan.
Paravana sold some stuff and read a letter to a Talibe
that missed his wife who had died and the letter
was for her.
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