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Ishmael Leseur Character profile

No description

Cooper Fitzpatrick

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Ishmael Leseur Character profile

Poor Ishmael Leseur suffers from Ishmael Leseur syndrome, which makes a person who is perfectly normal act completely and utterly stupid and make them look like the biggest goof ball there. Ishmael Leseur syndrome is not contagious but effects the person with the connection of the two words Ishmael and Leseur. Ishmael hates this name because of the syndrome it makes him suffer from.
Ishmael Liked to make himself a small as possible target so that way he would not get buillied. But this strategy did not work all the time for poor Ishmael so Barry Bagsley decided to bully him.
Physical traits, actions
Progress Beginning
Ishmael felt like his left ear sticks out more than the right one. He feels like a kid with a wussy crap name. Ishmael likes to read and write, he believes if he is like someone in Moby Dick it would have to be mostly Captain Ahab. The reason why he thinks he would mostly be like Captain Ahab is because all he wants to do is get revenge on Barry where as Captain Ahab wanted to get revenge on the whale that took his leg. Ishmael really likes Kelly Faulkner, but does definitely not like to do public speaking or science. Ishmael thinks he is not at all smart but he believes his sister is a young genius prodigy
Ishmael started off as normal kid with a simple story to tell but as he progressed through school it got harder for him to live a normal life. (especially if Barry Bagsley is your bully) Ishmael then made a new friend James Scobie, the man who didn't fear anything. Along their journey through year 9 they became the bestest of friends and they both joined the debating.
Background Info
While Ishmael's mum was pregnant with Ishmael, she said she felt like a whale so his dad dressed up as captain Ahab and she laughed so hard that Ishmael was born. So Ishmael's dad put his head against his mouth and said "Call me Ishmael!" Ishmael was normal all through school but when it came to high school the syndrome took full affect making him a target for the bullies. Ishmael soon made friends with James Scobie who helped him with his problems at school and during debating. During debating Ishmael fainted and as he soon found out he had accidentaly groped one of the oppositions lead speaker. Ishmael tried hard during school and during his high school year he was bullied by the school's worst bully, Barry Bagsley.
Character Profile
Ishmael Leseur
Progression Middle
Oh how Ishmael thought he had it easy because, well he didn't have to speak in the debates. but one night Bill became sick meaning he couldn't speak causing Ishmael to have to speak where he fainted and groped the girl he likes. They eventually got better and better at the debating, to the point where Bill Kingsley could actually rebut anything that was thrown at him. Ishmael soon finds out that Scobie has had a 'shadow' appear in his brain, Ishmael starts to realize how small his problems are to his
Progression End
Towards the end of Ishmael's adventure Bill Kingsley starts to be bullied by Barry because Scobie is not there to stick up for them. Ishmael decides to get revenge on Barry by saying a prayer that he made specially for Barry at the end of year mass, but he does not go through with it because he realizes that Barry's parents are nice people, but he does make Bill happy again
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