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Geography of Southwest Asia

Geography Review and Introduction to 3 Religions

Trey Coggins

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Geography of Southwest Asia

Geography of Southwest Asia
SS7G8: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
3 Religions of Southwest Asia
What do all 3 have in common?
Monotheistic (one God)
Abraham is the patriarch
Each has a holy book
Each has a place of worship
Each has a different view of Jesus Christ
Jerusalem is holy to all 3
Judaism was founded first (Old Testament)
Abraham and Moses were important
Jesus was a Jewish teacher
After Jesus, Christianity formed and New Testament written
Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God
Christians follow the Old and New Testament
In 622 AD, the prophet Muhammad founded Islam. They believe Abraham, Moses, and Jesus were prophets.
What is the 411?
2 factions of Islam
Sunni vs. Shia
Both follow the Quran and share many of the same beliefs
Disagree on how Muslims should be led
Division began soon after Muhammad died
Sunnis accepted Muhammad's father-in-law. Today they follow Muslim scholars.
Shias accepted Muhammad's son-in-law. Today they follow the supreme imam as their spirtitual guide
Most Muslims are Sunni. (90%)
Iran is 90% Shia. Formed majority in Iraq, with strong communities in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia
What is this mess about BC and AD?
These are both just a way to measure time throughout history.
Many believe Jesus to be spiritually important
So, they use Jesus as a starting point.
AD starts at the birth of Jesus (approximately)
BC is everything before Jesus (Before Christ)
AD is Latin for Anno Domini (In the year of our Lord)
Most scholars use CE (Common Era) instead of AD now, so BC is BCE
Believe Jesus is Son of God/Savior
Bible is text (Old and New Testament)
Heaven and Hell
2.1 billion followers
House of worship is a church
Christmas, Easter, Passover, Lent
14 million followers
Yahweh is God
Afterlife not emphasized worldwide
Talmud, Tanakh is religious text
House of worship is synagogue
No pork
1.3 billion followers
Allah is God
Paradise and Hell
5 Pillars of Islam (Allah is God,
Quran is holy book
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