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Two Words By: Ravneet , Nuria , and Alisha

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Ravneet Dhesi

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Two Words By: Ravneet , Nuria , and Alisha

Two Words By Isabel Allende
- About a girl named Belisa Crepusculario
- She grows up as an orphan
- She had extreme desire to be the best at selling words
-She first saw words in the sports section of the newspaper
- She learned to read from a priest for 20 pesos and read the dictionary until she knew it cold
- Went from cold mountains to coasts selling her words
- She eventually learns the impact that words and reading can have among society that is largely illiterate
- Her words became popular, fast, and everyone knew who she was
1. Belisa's name represents the lack of wealth in her family that "she herself had searched until she found the poetry of 'beauty' and 'twilight' cloaked in herself" (Pg.51)

3. Two words - Represents the connection between Belisa and the Colonel, The two words she gave the Colonel represents the connection they have which eventually brings them together.

2. Words -> The way of life. Without words Belisa wouldn't have a job . People wouldn't be able to communicate with each other .
- Spain during the Spanish Civil War
"Both the Colonel and El Mulato had spent their lives fighting in the civil war..."(Pg.53)
- During World War 2 , 1937
- Fransisco Franco-> March 31, 1939
- Centavos - Spanish currency

Story is narrated in the 3rd person.

- Allows the reader to get more of a general idea of the characters.

- However, limits the knowledge on the feelings of characters and their thoughts.
Character Analysis
Belisa Crepsulario: Grew up extremely poor and could not afford a name. She had a rough past. Reading and writing had drastically changed her life. "Belisa Crepusculario saved her life and in the process accidentally discovered writing" (pg.52).
"...unable to determine its purpose, until curiosity overcame her shyness." (pg.52)

El Mulato: Colonels horseman. His named is linked to calamity and plunder, he does not change throughout the story (static character)
"...a giant known throughout the land for the speed of his knife and his loyalty to his chief." (Pg.53)

Colonel: Intimidating and powerful. Eventually becomes tired of being fearful. Even though he is very powerful he is illiterate. His named is linked to calamity and plunder as well. Dynamic character, Changes throughout the story

-Calamity: .An event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster.

-Plunder : Steal goods from, (typically using force and in a time of war or civil disorder
-She overcame her rough past
-Found something to live for

Perception and Insight
-Have a deeper meaning that what is perceived
-Two words

There is no right or wrong answer!
Her name
-Belisa Crepusclario
"...She herself had searched until she found the poetry of 'beauty' and 'twilight' and cloaked herself in it." (Pg.51)
Meaning of her name in spanish
- Belleza means beauty
- Crepusculo means twilight
Two Words
The Colonel couldnt stop thinking about her
"Te Amo"- Possible answer

Quote on pg.57, 3rd paragraph
Made By: Ravneet D, Alisha R and Nurije R
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