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MKT 415 Pure Michigan

No description

Sam Herzing

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of MKT 415 Pure Michigan

Pure Michigan Project Overview Sam Herzing
Peter Raymond
Ryan Bell
Danie Hunt
Ying Zhang About Pure Michigan Began in 2006 with advertisements voiced by Tim Allen

Brand created by Travel Michigan- A Division of Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Broadcast nationally since 2009

Unprecedented $45 million budget Pure Michigan's Successes -#1 state tourism website as early as 2007
-2009 study showed campaign brought 680,000 new trips to Michigan and a $2.23 return on investment
-Brought in $1 billion in 2011 Project Objective The objective of this project is to create an overall marketing strategy to successfully adapt the Pure Michigan campaign to entice a new target audience in UK and European markets to visit Michigan and bring new sources of tourism revenue to the State. Key Questions Geographical
Population demographics Target Market Definition Key positioning for Pure Michigan among
other travel options Main competitors
Core competencies Core message of campaign What needs to be communicated
What is valued by the target audience Optimal media channels to be utilized Major Constraints Creating awareness: Captivating advertising campaign that captures the interest of the European Market Finacial constraint: Pure Michigan campaign raising/allocating sufficient funds (Est. $5 milion) Deliverables Form and Date/Time Table Launch campaign final week of July First create awareness with new media means of advertising In September a more targeted campaign with more focus on traditional means of advertising will be introduced into the European Market Means of advertising will include all social media applicable to European Market, billboards, TV ads, PR plan, and news/newspapers articles Approach Our strategy is based on internet research and interactions with people from the European market Primary Research: While in London, our team will be surveying locals to see what means of advertising they find most effective Secondary Research: Use of internet to get to know our European market even more Our plan was devised based on the idea of having a classic white holiday season in Michigan's own Traverse Bay area as well as Mackinaw Island in the December and January months. Having this serene white holiday is rare in Europe and compelling enough to bring the European tourists to Pure Michigan Traverse City Grand Traverse Resort Crystal Mountain Snowmobiling / Snowshoe hiking Wine Touring in the Peninsula Mackinaw The Island Grand Hotel The Mackinaw bridge Horse and buggie rides in the snow Snow tubing/ sledding Light houses The "Plan" Facilitator The Pure Michigan Campaign already has developed a fully functioning "Trip Planner" option on the Pure Michigan website . Europeans can use this trip planner to connect them with travel agents to plan their american white holiday experience. This trip planner will send them updates directly to their email making their trip easy to plan. Wrapping it Up In conclusion, we believe that we have developed a plan specifically geared towards the European market that will be effective in bringing European tourists to Michigan
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