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My Identity

not hard (easy)

donia hasan

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of My Identity

idintity personal details: My village is Judide-maker, my mom and dad are from it.
I like the Maker because i'm born in it and there are a many friends in it.
It's dificult to me if i go to another village to live.
Judide i complete it to the maker and i love the Judide because my mom from it and i now study in it. in the Judide there are many friends to me too. My village I'm donia hasan from maker village, my age is 14 years old, i study in bayroni school.
I like my school and my teachers.
But my class mates i love them very much and i e to be with them. My interest: We in the family 6 :
my dad and my mom, me the biggest, my brother Mohammad his age 12 years old , my sister aseel her age is 10 years old , and my smallest brother is amjad his age 4.5 years old .
my dad name is : mostafa hasan he is a butcher My family My mom is a housewife. I'm a Muslim . my religion book is a Qur'an.
the place which the Muslim pray to God in it called Mosque.
in every country there are a Muslims.
the Muslim's Prophet is Mohammad Peace and blessings be upon him.
Islam is a very good religion and the Qur'an down on the prophet Mohammad peace and blessings be upon him. My religion what is my religion? 2)the muslim's tradition: 1)Ramadan is the month in which Muslims must fast from dawn to sunset. This is meant to feel how the poor people are without food or water. In addition, Muslims close their bodies off from earthly demands by denying themselves food and drink. This in turn allows for the nourishment of the soul.

Ramadan is the month that the Qur'an down on the prophet Mohammad . 2)Eid al-Fitr: 3) Eid al -ADHA Eid al-Adha , come two monthes after Eid al-Fitr, there is a story at Eid al-Adha , it is a story of the prayer Ismael : God commanded Abraham - in a dream - to slay his son Ismael trials for them, but Abraham refuse to slay his good son, but his son (Ismael) said to his father: do what commanded. but the god send to him with the king Jibril peace be upon him great sacrifice. because that there is Eid al-Adha. I like to go to Acre: my culture: There are anew Acre and a old Acre.
The old Acre in it the many old things, example : there are a (Acre's wall) this wall is from a many years.
Acre is a tourist city, the people come from many countries, to watch the things in Acre and take with them a photos.
Acre in it too a many shopping places, the people in israel go to its from the other cities and villages. Why is it important for me to present my identity this way? It is important for me to present my identity this way to the people and who want to know about me thing ,know that from this and be every thing about me known and shown.
And this way enjoy the people and the students, and when i make it i didn't tired and I was have fun in the same time. 1)music: My favorite music is Arabic and English.
In English i like to listen to Selena Gomez , for example : tell me something i don't know song.
And in arabic : to Nancy Agram or Njwa Karam hobbies: my hobbies is reading , play in the computer
and hairdresser. Food My best food is pasta:
the pasta is Italy food, it's delicious, i love to eat its.
If i eat its everyday i don't bored.
In one day i was make the pasta, it Was so delicious, and my family like it, and i become make it every time when i want to eat but no thing to eat . Eid al-Fitr, comes after Ramadan, it 3 days
the people be happy because 1 month fast from eating and water. when the Eid come the people eat and drink what they want.
in the mornig in the first day the people pray to god Eid prayer. my close friend is : my best friends : marsel kayal She is a cute, beautiful, smart, funny girl.
I love her very much, and i tell her every thing. My friends ( I can't write all my friends because there are to me many friends): Sewar, Asraa, hala ,jwana, olla, rola, aya, kamar, samar, doaa, deena, sahar, abeer. The End.
This is my identity,
what's about your identity?? Barcelona My best football team is: my best player is: Lionel Messi My best singer is : njwa karam my best English singer is: selena gomez
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