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Debbie Dodd's Inquiry

No description

Melissa Valdivia

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Debbie Dodd's Inquiry

Get in the Groove:
Finding Text-based Evidence

Focal Student
Challenges and Obstacles
Where did focal student understanding fall short?
How could I scaffold learning to move student forward?
Integrating claims/evidence into more learning activities
Students will cite textual evidence
Students will categorize evidence as true or false
Students will make evaluative statement based on evidence
Learning Goal:
Students will be able to read a text and locate evidence to support a given claim, refute a given claim, and make a judgment whether the claim is true or false.
My Question
How can I help my students support claims with evidence from the text?
What I Learned
I can't rely on written work
I need to break down my indicators
I need to scaffold my lessons more
Pre-teaching vocabulary is necessary
Physical sort of evidence
Interview students as they do it
With proper scaffolding and mini-lessons, by using specific indicators, young primary students can find evidence in a text!
Let me know if you would like an electronic copy of my template or any scaffolding activities!
Debbie Dodd
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