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Herbalife Organization

No description

sekoloni sulang

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Herbalife Organization

Group Member
Financial Analysis
Review of Herbalife’s financial analysis year ended December 31, 2013 shows that the financial strength of the business has never been stronger and was the best in the company for over 34 years history.
In addition for full year 2013 EPS of $5.37 is an increase of 36 percent, compared to the previous year. In 2014, Herbalife retained a record number of sales leaders and overall retention rate was constant with the prior year at 51.8 percent.
Herbalife organizes report widely using a non-GAAP (retail sales) metric which is plays an important role in the company compensations to be more significant performance pressure, that might speedy the aggressive financial reporting performances.
Herbalife is a global nutrition company that help people to become a healthier in their life, active since 1980 years ago
Besides that, weight management and personal care products also available through dedicated independent Distributors in more 80 countries around the world.
Vision Make a community knows that herbalife have a long term planning to become the number one company provide the best nutrition compare to other nutrition company.
Mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.
Key Competitors

Sekoloni Anak Sulang 32794
Johnny Badong 30529
Winle Mangtul 34209
Alfread Bin Ugung 29500
Fredy Erang 29117
Faten Nabilah binti Omar 29112

Environmental Analysis
Customers demand nowadays, people are more focused on their careers. ( Obesity problem more focus on work.)
Consequently, Herbalife organization is an organization that offers products where customers could lose weight, raise the weight.
As customers increasingly demand high due to the desire of customers to lose weight or raise the weight. Herbalife product market resulted in more popular among consumers.
Shaklee company
CBY: Cadbury PLC
Heinz Co, ADM: Archer Daniels Midland Co
NSRGY: Nestle S A
Supplier power
Influence on the producing industry, such as selling raw material at a high price to capture some of the industry profit.
In many of industry supplier have provide internal network which can give buyer competitive advantages
Herbalife to find many way to sell their product, that’s why they use internet to promote their product to compete which other company.
Core Competencies
Herbalife competence is regarding their membership compared to other nutrition’s product. Herbalife provides the gold standard in consumer protection.
. Herbalife provide low cost-up for their customers to attract and maintain their customers. (TO BE A MEMBER AND LOYALTY customers.
Herbalife product, there are no requirement to purchase any sales and business tools to start up or succeed in Herbalife membership.
Money back guarantee (received 100% refund guarantee on product)
Herbalife also return shipping costs for the return of all unsold products purchased in the prior 12 months.
Herbalife is able to change people’s lives by providing the best membership pack of giving the best business opportunity in direct selling consistence with their organization mission.
Management Capabilities
Herbalife Company has started a business since 1980 that focuses on nutrition to help each costumer to improve their health and make an active life.
Herbalife has been successfully doing its business in 91 countries around the globe.
Maintain a physical presence and marketing, including providing sales, service, distribution, logistics and call center.
Direct sales. (In China, for example, Herbalife products are available and can be accessed in more than 800 locations where the local regulations where selling of Herbalife products is through sales personnel, direct sales representatives, independent service providers and licensed sellers.)
Corporate Culture ( Share Value)
In this give the best to the customers helps to answer the all question about Herbalife.
Design a lifestyle plan whether your goal is to increase your energy levels, or to be more healthy, to manage your weight, your own Herbalife.
Focus on the stakeholders (Important roles)
Herbalife have objective is to provide the best quality and high quality to their customers.
Highest quality ingredient make the product become a complete product.
Herbalife substantially to testing in house use modern quality control laboratories in the US and China including a big lab control in Southern California.
Start success in their business is from year 1980 until today.
Mark Hughes have a good dream says that" The successful come from the outside and help the society improving the life and stay with the healthy life style.
As a good leader have a good responsibility to support and influence the all employee also create a positive working environment.
Management support (Top management support)
Design the program to make a good leadership. The program training marketing program.
Management also use the good member in marketing to educational tools promotions encourage members increase the sales, recruiting.
The correct business foundation includes the strong management that closely to leadership.
Competitive Intensity
Firms compete for the same customers and resources.
The company can choose to move likes a changing prices or product that they want to produce.
Price perspective. (Compare with others product)
For example, we take company Herbalife and Shacklee Company
Buyer power
It causes supplier need to compete with other company to find their buyers and provide price that suitable and make the customer interest with this product.
Herbalife and Shaklee have same product in market. But all this depend on customer power to choose which want that they interested
Herbalife is the best nutrition company that give benefits to the customers. Herbalife also focus on the nutrition. From the mission that stated nutrition is most important in our life. To stay healthy in your daily life take a Herbalife product to support your body need a nutrition and energy. Herbalife is the best product in the world. From the good strategy that applied by this organization make Herbalife can stay until now and survive to 83 countries.
Harvey, D. (1982). Strategic Management. Ohio: Charles E. Merrill Publishing co.
Herbalife provides the Gold Standard in consumer protection. (2014). Retrieved from http://opportunity.herbalife.com/the-gold-standard
Strategic management book (edition new)
Slide Strategic Management

Thanks for the Attention
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Herbalife Organization
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