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Odd Future

OFWGKTA- The ultimate American alternative hip hop collection from Los Angeles, California.

Nandi Ntombela

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Odd Future

OFWGKTA- Odd Future Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All,
(OFWGKTA) or simply Odd Future,
is an American alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA It is led by rapper/producer Tyler, The Creator, and includes rappers
Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt and
singer-songwriter/rapper Frank Ocean,
producers Domo Genesis, Mike G, Left Brain, Syd Tha Kyd, Matt Martians, Hal Williams
and other non-musical members, basically pseudo rappers; Jasper Dolphin and Taco Bennett.

Out of the many members of the group, Frank, Tyler, Earl and Hodgy are the members who are the most prominent and contribute the most to Odd Future. from Los Angeles, California. Singer-songwriter/ rapper Christopher Francis Ocean (born Christopher 'Lonny' Breaux; October 28, 1987), is known by his stage name Frank Ocean. Ocean started off as a ghostwriter for artists such as Brandy, Justin Bieber, and John Legend, before joining Odd Future in 2010. His interest in music started when he grew up around Louisiana's local jazz scene and listened to his mother's CDs on her car stereo. Initially, when he released his debut mixtape - 'Nostalgia', there wasn't a wide response.
He then released the songs 'Novacane' and 'Swim Good', which received much praise.
From 2011- present, he has become well known for his albums 'Ultra', 'Lonny Breaux' and 'Channel Orange', which have earned him a number of nominations as well as awards.
Ocean is also very well known for recently shocking the music world with the news that he's bisexual. This triggered both positive response from fans, and negative response from certain music stores who took his CD's off their market. Ocean was also recently kicked out of Odd Future due to his sexuality. . Tyler, The Creator, was born as
Tyler Gregory Okonma on March 6, 1991.
He is the leader and co-founder of
the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future
and has rapped on and produced songs
for almost every Odd Future release. Tyler Okonma was born in LA, California to a Nigerian father and a mother of African-American and white Canadian descent. Okonma says he has never met his father. At the age of seven, he would take the cover out of an album's case and create covers for his own imaginary albums including a track list of songs before he could even make music.At 14, Okonma taught himself how to play piano. In his twelve years of schooling, he attended twelve different schools. Tyler has won many awards,
including Best New Artist,
Rookie of the Year and Must Follow Artist. Thebe Neruda Kgositsile, born February 24, 1994, is better known by his stage name Earl Sweatshirt. Kgositsile was born to Cheryl Harris, a law professor at University of California, Los Angeles, and Keorapetse Kgositsile, a South African poet and political activist. His debut studio album, Earl, was self-released on March 31, 2010 as a free digital download. Most of the album was produced by Tyler, The Creator. Sweatshirt's rapping style is notable for its dark lyrical content, multi-syllabic rhyme schemes and heavy wordplay.
Despite a large number of positive reviews, various sources indicated that Sweatshirt had stopped making music with Odd Future. Earl later expressed in an interview that his mother sent him to Samoa not because of his music or lyrical content but because of his getting into trouble. Earl attended Coral Reef Academy, a school for at-risk boys, located outside of the Samoan capital of Apia
Earlier this year, Sweatshirt eventually returned to the States and is currently working on a new project with MellowHype, a duo featuring Hodgy Beats. Gerard Damien Long, born November 9, 1990, is better known by his stage name Hodgy Beats. Gerard Long was born in and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. He is of African American and Filipino descent. At the age of nine, he moved to Southern California after his mother got married. He attended Pasadena High School in California.

On August 1, 2011, his long-time girlfriend Cortney Brown gave birth to their son, Trenton Long
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