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Izzys awsome world

No description


on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Izzys awsome world

improved math
contiuse to work on
I should and will cotinue to work on dividing and multiplying pretty big numbers ispecily dviding.
favorite part
my main favorite part of fourth grade math class learning about dvision and all the field trips.
in need to inprove more on finding the semstry of complex disighns.
Izzys awsome world
I mainly inproved on division.I know this beacause in the biggining of the year i had no idea how thdivide and now I am realy good at it
to inprove
math grades
i got zero ones.
i got zero twos
i got 34 threes
and 4 fours on my end of the year assesment
math interum
I got 97% on interum the highest in my class
DRA inprovment
in 3rd grade i ended in 30 and now i am 40 that is 10 that is better than you think
writing interum
in fall i was proficent and now still prophicent

all my bookclub
1.the wide window
4.tales of a fourt grade nothing
5.Gregor the overlander
my favorite read aloud
my favorite read aloud is the one and only ivan i would always recomend it.
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