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Ancient Athenian Government Vs. Modern United States Government

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Sylvia Schad

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Athenian Government Vs. Modern United States Government

Ancient Athenian Government Vs. Modern United States Government Leaders
Ancient Athenian leaders were appointed officals, noramally from middle class
United States' leader is a President Voting
Ancient Athenian voting was done by only male citizens. Women, slaves, children, foreigners, and resident aliens were not allowed to vote .
United States voting is open to all American citizens over 18. Division of Country
Greece is separated into city states that had their own government.
United State is divided into states that make their own laws. Military
Greeks had a military for their country.
United States has a national military Law Enforcement
Athens had a type of community crime watch.
United States has a local police force.
Court System
Athenian courts relied on juries to determine the truth
United States' courts have a jury or a judge who determines the truth. Division Of Power
The Athenian Assembly/Ecclesia is like the United States' Legislative Branch.
The Athenian Boule/Council of 500 is like the United States' Executive Branch.
The Athenian Jury System is like the United States' Judical Branch. Types of Government
Athens had a democracy.
The United States has a democratic republic. Resources
http://www.ahistoryofgreece.com/athens-democracy.htm BY: Sylvia Schad and
Connor Gleichner
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